Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking Out Snipers

My boss and a young apprentice manager were out this morning to pay me a visit,get an update on my health and to try and get a general idea of when I'll be going back to work.My right leg does feel much better, however I still can't sleep properly on my right side ( the side I fall asleep on) and I still have a lump at the base of my back where I tore muscles.I gave them an estimated date of mid Jan.

Everyone who saw the car either at the scene or in the photo's I posted back on Nov 6th reckons I'm very lucky to have walked away.I suppose at the time I thought that having made it out the car alive,I'd soon heal up in a week or so.On my last visit the Doc said it could take around 3 months to heal and despite my "luck" I may also have to accept that the injuries will always cause me some degree of pain.

It's just very frustrating to be stuck indoors doing very little for so long.I could have used this time to try and really grind the turbo's but being loaded up on painkillers + diazepam and feeling a bit low in general means that I just haven't felt like playing much at all.I have really enjoyed going through the Sng turbo hand histories people have sent me to look at and hopefully I've helped make a real difference to their games.Feel free to send more to the email address above, but be warned I tell it like it is and won't put too much sugar coating on it if I see clear mistakes that are costing you money!

In other news I believe my good mate Al Eleven(and Mrs E)are now back in Scotland for their Xmas visit and I'm looking forward to seeing them.I've known them both since school days and they stay in the US these days.As usual, being blokes there has been talk of poker home games ( with Dudley,s-man,Two Pies,Big Chap etc) and Call of Duty sessions but nothing arranged.I do have some fine herbs waiting for Al so my guess is he'll be in touch soon...

I'm also seeing Step A tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to catching up with her, although as usual I've not much of an idea what subjects 15yr olds like to chat about these days.I recall being her age and constantly being asked "How's school going?" and other such standard boring adult type questions.Answering "It's crap" usually brought about the standard lecture about how important it is to "stick in" and study hard if you want to avoid a life of asking customers if they'd like to "go large" with their happy meal.Yeah,Whateva..

Apologies if I've put this clip up before.I think I posted it on Raisetheriver somewhere but it may have been here.It's of some kid owning ( don't wanna lose a reader with pwning!) another in COD:Modern Warfare 2 and if you like the game or play shooters online I think it'll raise a smile...

Ok,thanks for reading.Don't forget all are welcome to play in Sundays $5.50 Blogger/Raise the River tourney on Pokerstars this Sunday.Hope to see you there....

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At Friday, 18 December, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Modern Warfare clip is lol!

I've only just seen the car crash pics, how the fuck did I miss them first time around. jesus mate, you're very lucky to be walking away from that with bruised kidneys.

Doesn't bare thinking about what've happened if you'd have been a foot or so closer to your door.

Get well soon sir

At Monday, 21 December, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yep it is though I could play until I'm 103 and never be that good!

Thanks for the good wishes too Pud!


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