Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You Can't Beat a Bit of Bully!

First up congrats to Bullmeister on taking down the The Bloggerment last Sunday and thanks to the 25 players who showed up to play.Two Pies was round that night to watch the football and "The Damned United" so I wasn't too bothered about crashing out the game quite early.I did manage to make the top 2 from 3 in a mini sng to determine the last two RTR players at the upcoming meet in Jan which I'm quite pleased about.

On the health front I do feel much better although I've not stopped the pain killers, still can't sleep on my right side,my right leg still hurts and I've got a swollen lumpy bit at the bottom of my back.I've got the Doc's tomorrow morning and I'll see what she says about going back to work.I've never had to have a sick line ( required in the UK if you're off for over 7 days)before and I don't really want to go back to work until the pain eases some more.She did say that torn muscles take 4-6weeks to heal and the accident happened a month ago.

To the poker and as per previous posts I'm not going to be doing monthly stats anymore as doing so keeps my focus on the short term too much.I only played about 180sngs in November and did make a slight profit.My goal for December is to try and play nearer 400 turbo sngs and to turn a profit.I did manage to procure some of the finest herbals I've had in a long time so that 400 goal might be pushing it a bit!

I mentioned on RTR that I'd be happy to try a bit of sng coaching and a couple of players responded.I've done one live session via teamviewer and also gone over a dozen hand histories and sent them back after viewing them in the cardrunners hand replayer.The live session was done using Yahoo IM and it wasn't actually that easy to watch a couple of tables whilst typing advice and chatting in general.I felt beforehand that live sessions were the way to go, but going over hand histories and commenting on specific hands may actually be the better way to learn.As I'm off work I certainly have the free time to go through hand histories and if any other low stakes turbo sng players want to email me any I'll take a look.( email address at top of blog)

I also played a $5 Old Firm challenge tourney with 21 runners between fans of Scotlands Champions and our rivals across the city.It was my idea to type "Champ or fud into the chatbox at the start to work out who was on which side and it was funny to see quite a few typing "Champ" when we started the game.The blinds started at 0-20 ( 20 mins long Zzzzz) and I eventually went out when my AQd fell to 55.

I did look on youtube for a suitable Bullseye clip but this Countdown one appealed far more to my mature,sophisticated sense of humour...

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At Wednesday, 02 December, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't really want to go back to work until the pain eases some more."
ROTFL!! Couldnt agree more, Give it18/24 months i reckon minimum before even contemplating going back.
Seriously though get yourself right for the team event ;-) many congrats on qualifying.

Bye the way GREAT post mate! ty
(I seem to run like god in the bloggerments)


At Thursday, 03 December, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ahh if only you were my Doctor!
Got a further 3 week line today but reckon I'll be fit for January no probs.

Looking forward to the team event although I haven't played much live.

Catch you soon Bloggy Champ!

( Oh and apologies for the text sent last week by mistake!)


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