Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sng turbo's n shwings

Everything went well with the baby scan today so I'm still on course to be an Uncle by the end of next June.

My Mum also brought round my 2 week sick line and it's been posted off to my work.I think I must have further torn a muscle in my sleep last night as I'm in a bit more pain today and any coughing hurts even more than usual.

The s-man popped round this afternoon,the Big Chap called and I've also had a couple of calls from work and texts from old friends which are helping to keep my spirits up.I used to give the Big Chap and his neighbour a lift to the Rangers reserve games a few years back and his neighbour called to say there is some particularly pungent green herbs on the go down his way just now so hopefully I can get something sorted later in the week!

The poker continues to go ok although I keep telling myself to have a proper go at the $33's whenever my Party roll breaks through a certain total and I keep chickening out and firing up more $22's.I did cash for 3rd in one $33 and it's not that I'm worried about the standard of play.It's mainly that 10-20 buy-in downswings happen a lot and although I can stand losing $300 or so in a really bad $22 session,I don't fancy dropping over $600 when running bad at higher stakes.

To try and put the swings into perspective I won two and took 2nd in the last three $22's I played last night for a profit of $200.If I play 8 games today,run like crap and cash in none of them that would still give me decent return on investment figure of about 10% over those 11 games in total.10% roi over a reasonable sample size ( at least a couple of thousand games) is very respectable.Obviously 11 games means nothing and maybe I'm not actually making sense ( I blame the pain killers!)but my point is that even if you're maintaining a good roi ,you're still going to see an awful lot of beats and lost flips in a row.

My worst excuse to myself when running badly is to tell myself that some players are obviously going to be in the bottom 5% overall when it comes to luck at the felt and I'm just unlucky enough to be in that 5%.Reading 2+2 threads and seeing graphs of winning players with break-even streaks of a few thousand games helps bring it home to me that going 10 games without cashing or even hitting a 25 buy-in downswing are completely standard and that I will play through it and eventually get back in the black again.

I probably do need to avoid playing $6.50 PLO turbo's as despite winning a $16 the other night I'm still crap at them.I usually have to check the chat box for the dealer summary to tell me which hand won at showdown and a couple of times I've been genuinely surprised when the pot ships to someone else when I thought I held pretty much the nuts! 2 cards goot,4 cards bad.I blame Dudley!

Ok,I do have another post I wrote a month or so back that I may fire up but I don't intend posting much over the next week or so until I feel better.I do intend getting onto Amazon and ordering COD:Modern Warfare 2.I never really got into the other COD games,preferring the Medal of Honor series but with plenty of time on my hands over the next wee while I think I'll give the new COD a go.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to register for Sundays Bloggerment game on Stars.It's only $5.50 and is open to all....



At Wednesday, 11 November, 2009, Blogger Sean G said...

Glad to hear (?) that others have trouble moving up comfortably when their bankrolls allow them to. I've had a hard time moving up to higher level games too. Knowing that long downswings are standard in theory is one thing, seeing it in practice on your own graph is another.

Still, if you're going to have problems with your bankroll management, I'd think playing under your roll is the best problem to have.

At Wednesday, 11 November, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got the lad a 360 Elite for Xmas so i should find out what all the fuss is about X box. FML whilst writing this i just bubbled again with KQ sooted. twice in 2 days now! I hate that hand. What was that about 5% Lol.


At Thursday, 12 November, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you regarding moving to the $33's.

I have no problem moving from the €5.25 HUSNG to the €10.50 but I seem to have a mental block about the €21 gamnes and just keep playing the €10's!

I am a fish obv!

At Thursday, 12 November, 2009, Anonymous David said...

Great news about the baby scan.I find for me that things happen in waves so hopefully you will soon hit a purple patch.

At Saturday, 14 November, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Sean:I reckon we both need to be a bit more ballsy and try and move our gulp limits up a bit.I agree too that being over-rolled is no bad thing though.

Pud:It's not easy to break out of any comfort zone but I think you'll get there mate.

Bully:Yep get it online and get your arse kicked by 12 yrs olds.It's great!

David:Thanks,I really am looking forward to my sisters baby arriving next June.Hope you're right about a purple patch coming!

At Saturday, 14 November, 2009, Anonymous Game information said...

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At Wednesday, 18 November, 2009, Blogger Fullcoverbetting said...

Get well soon. Back problems can be a pain in the ass. :)


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