Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bloggerment + $55 Turbo Sng

Thanks to all 28 players who showed up to play in Sunday nights Bloggerment tourney.My good mate Al Eleven took it down and won a $5 last longer bet from me after hitting so many flops and rivers that even God now talks about running in "Al Mode".( at least he probably will in his next chat with Mr Cloud!)

I scraped a 7th place finish after shoving K9 from the button into Mr Cloud's AJ and failing to hit.I did get some luck earlier in the game when my QK beat Benwahballs2's 88 all in preflop, but was card dead for most of the tourney.It was good to see some new players like Ben,L4Y SP and Evanzio at my table as well as most of the usual suspects.If any of the new players ( or anyone in general) has a blog and wants linked up just give me a shout.

After the Bloggerment I played a little cash game poker ( three tabling $50 nl full ring) for a change and left with a bit of profit.

On the health front the pain is easing a bit down my right hand side, although for some reason I woke yesterday with a bloodshot right eye and that doesn't seem to have gone away.I did finally get the insurance cheque at last.

Surfing around today online I found a Q+A session with Patrick Antonious and loved this one in particular:

Question from Flo420: is marijuana a bad drug?
Answer from Patrik Antonius: no its a leaf lol

I didn't play any poker at all until late last night when I decided that as I was up a few hundred up for the month, I'd grow a pair and have take a wee shot at a $55 turbo sng and play a $33 at the same time.I've only played a few $55's and have taken one down before.The $33's I've played far more often.Playing only two tables gave me time to Sharkscope the $55 and any fears I had of being way out of my depth were eased.One decent regular and 8 players who have lost about $23k between them!

There were some major donk like moves going on but perhaps $55 donks are still better than $22/$33 donks as there were still seven players left as we hit the high blinds.I'd had a 1310 stack after paying the big blind at 300/600 when the decent reg player shoved his big stack when folded to him in the cut-off and a fishy player on the button called for his last 1060 chips.I reckoned I was ahead of the cut off's range with my A7 and although I hated calling an all-in due to the button also being in the pot,I felt he would be calling with a very wide range in this spot.I also felt I had to take the chance to chip up or be left with less than 2 big blinds and no fold equity v the fish with 6000 chips in my bb next if I passed and paid the small blind in the next hand.( and that's assuming it folded to me)

The button had KJ,the small blind QJ sooted and the King on the flop sent me to the rail.

I'm still not 100% sure calling here was correct( all comments welcome) and perhaps I would have been better shoving the A4 I folded from UTG+2 when the table was still full and the blinds were at 200/400 in order to try and accumulate some chips.I had been tight but with so many fish and being only UTG+ 2 it felt like an easy fold at the time.

Of course no player wants to be shoving A4 or even calling with A7, but these are turbo's and when you're card dead it's still vital to avoid being blinded out.

Ahh well I hope whoever won cashed out and rubbed it on their titties...( I know it's been around a while but it's such a fine song and vid!)

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At Wednesday, 25 November, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was spectacular coming from behind .... even for Al ....

he he he he *)

At Wednesday, 25 November, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

word verif - polio :(

At Thursday, 26 November, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

It was a typical Al Eleven display overall Dudley.

Polio eh? Is that they wans with the holes in 'em? ;-)


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