Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Binkaments

Friday evening at the virtual felt didn't begin well.Despite all I know about variance it still felt as if I was about to appear on some Pokerstars version of "Candid Camera" and the bad beats and general way the cards were falling were all just part of the show.It doesn't help that I don't play Mon-Thus and it always takes me a bit of time to shake off the mental rust and start playing my best poker.At least I sorted out my anti-virus software for last weekend as the previous week those issues caused my laptop to freeze during the final table of a $15,180 Turbo! Very frustrating!

I read a 2+2 thread the other week where good players were discussing how tiny the edge is in Turbo Mtt's and I resolved to cut back on some of the higher buy-in shots I've been taking in those games as I may as well be burning money by playing them.Hyper Turbo's are even more of a luckfest but I like to run them alongside my usual games as they're very easy to play and usually don't last too long.

Well the weekend turned out to be a pretty decent one at the tables as I took 3rd in a $5 Hyper turbo for $820 and after a few close shaves in bigger buy-in games I took down a $2.20 6 max tourney for $644.

The 6 max game was just one of many I played on Sunday evening and the only downside was not finishing until after 3am and then having to get up for work in the morning.I had the chip lead with about 20 left and the three handed final table bubble allowed me to add even more chips to my stack.It was only a $2.20 game and with the slow blinds structure ( 15 mins) and the poor quality of the opposition I continued to build my chip lead and pretty much cruised to the win after that.Screenshot of the lobby below along with one showing my stats for the game.

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