Saturday, December 21, 2013

U Mad? He Mad

Seeing as Dudley and I seem to to be the only fish left updating poker blogs and he's just posted I thought I'd write a wee update here too.

Pokerwise not much has changed since my last post.Still spewing off stacks on the rare occasions I get deep in Mtt's and still enjoying 12 tabling the 45/180 turbo's too.Played 1015 sngs last month and 198 Mtt's and have now earned just over 41k in Vpp's for the year which considering I only play at weekends means...I need to get out more!

I did have a much needed decent night at the felt last night,coming second in a couple of $8 ,180 turbos and 7th in the $13.50 KO $8k Gtd on Stars for $460.

I don't get much time to chat when playing 12-14 tables in one stack but if you're reading this then thanks to BerekDoyd ( I think that was the name!) who happened to mention he liked my blog in the chatbox.I was rolling a number at the time and lost track of the table before I got a chance to say anything so please don't think I was being ignorant!

The only other chat that made me smile recently was when I sucked out v an Aussie player who didn't take it well and spent at least the next ten minutes spamming the chat with "Pommy Faggot" over and over.I very rarely say anything but I did manage a "u mad?" followed by a "he mad" just to wind the guy up even more.I do still love the anti-social, no bullshit nature of online poker where you can have a table of people from literally all over the world and nobody says a word to each other.Maybe that says more about me!

I ended up going back to the real cigs recently but I've just ordered a Tornado V3 E-cig Starter kit and hopefully it'll be a bit better than the VIP e-cig I was using before.I still enjoy smoking some fine green herb at weekends although come the new year I'm going to cut out the Sunday puffing and keep it for Fri/Sat only as it's almost half way through Tuesday before I feel properly awake most weeks at the moment!

Right I'm off to go and see Step A and to pick up a Xmas tree!


At Friday, 14 February, 2014, Blogger dD said...

Dec 21st ???? u call that updating, lol :)


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