Wednesday, March 05, 2014

March-ing On

Just logged on to blogger for the first time in a while and saw Dudleys comments waiting to be published along with some fine spammy ones and thought it's about time I updated this wee space of mine.

Not very much to report on the poker front.Still spending most Fri/Sat nights enjoying a puff and 12-14 tabling sngs and mtt's.My laptop has taken to overheating when I play 12+ tables and use Pokertracker at the same time so I'll probably have to bite the bullet and fork out for a new one soon as I can't be doing with 5 mins out the game at a time while the damn thing reboots.I've been using PT and the HUD a lot less as a result and it certainly shakes things up a bit not having basic stats on my opponents to refer to when auto-piloting a load of tables.In some ways I think it's helped my play as it can be too easy to make assumptions based on basic stuff like preflop raise percentages and overall VPIP when even a loose player might tighten up at certain stages of the game and most 12/10 nits know when to open up and raise a lot more these days too.Good to be thinking about game factors when trying to quickly assign ranges and stuff rather than just going by stats.

Away from the poker life has been pretty dull in all honesty.Spending far too much time online browsing twitter and football forums and not enough time doing anything worthwhile.Nearly finished season 3 of The Walking Dead though and I'm certainly loving it so far.Slots in a alongside The Shield in my top three box sets watched so far with Breaking Bad still way out in front at number one....bitches!

Reckoned it was time to force myself back into the online dating thing again.Decided not to go for the honest approach and write an ad stating I'm just a "balding bloke in his 40's who plays Call of Duty all week and likes to smoke weed and play poker all weekend.Works,comes home, flakes on couch and due to most friends being married or living miles away has very little social life whatsoever.Top Flappy Bird score of 28".Aye what a catch!

Of course I do still have the number of a girl I was engaged to years back who wanted to meet up again last year but while we had fun when we did get back together for a one nighter she's probably not the girl for me and I don't want to mess with her head just for the sake of getting my end away!

Ok thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Friday, 16 May, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFS think we room get into the hills and enjoy BC n Kaz xx

At Friday, 23 May, 2014, Blogger Juice said...

Ah Acorn, You know you shouldn't beat yourself up. The question is not whether you are good enough for other people its whether they are good enough for you. Fate is fickle and people dont get their just deserts but you know just like the poker you just have to keep plugging away and eventually you will get aces! :-) good hunting my friend! ( written whilst drunk)

At Friday, 23 May, 2014, Blogger Juice said...

That said. You really need to stop playing flappy bird. But if you do insist get better at it!

At Wednesday, 09 July, 2014, Blogger dD said...

it's official .... you are a lazier blogger than I am :)


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