Saturday, September 10, 2005


Dropped the wee one off at numpties for the weekend and after a lovely dinner with Mrs A I sparked one up and hit the tables.I was off to a flyer in a $10 sng when on a flop of A 2 3 I called an all in with AK and beat the villans 23 when an beautiful A came on the turn.Lucky fishy acorn but that gave me the lead and I knocked out another 4 players as did the villan I eventually beat heads up for $40 net.

Moved to the full ring .50 nl two tabling and blew my winnings on a series of bad cards and loose play.Left after 3 hours dead even.

Interpoker was calling and yet another night of huge shwings lay ahead.At 1.10am I was down from $1064 to $775 but I kept the heid and kept right on smokin' until my patience was rewarded after a table move.It was getting late by this time and the play just seemed to get wilder and wilder.I was playing at £1nl max and when I finished at 4.30am I thought I'd recouped my losses and was about even.It was a pleasant suprise to see I'd won $175 overall for my efforts.£95 towards my Sony psp assuming I don't blow it over the next few days.

The Showpark was my destination today to watch EK Thistle beat St Anthonys 2-1.Playing well and in good form for the cup final next month which is more than I can say for Rangers who drew 1-1 with the new promoted Falkirk.Nacho scored a penalty but from all reports we were pish.Playing Porto at Ibrox on Tues night in the first game of our Champions League campaign and we'd better step it up more than a few gears if we want to even think about being competitive at that level.

Time to hit the tables....


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