Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Swapped links with the Poker worlds 6th most popular blogger.Yes come on down. Good luck at the cardroom too.

I love my football but I hate all the rubbish footballers/managers say before and after games."They always make it a hard game when you go to their ground". Well why have they not won a game for months then? Why not just say "They are one of the worst teams we've ever played and if we can't beat them we may aswell take up tiddlywinks"?

"The players gave 110%". No they didn't.You can't give more than 100%.Impossible.

Great to read an honest quote from US striker Landon Donovan after they beat Mexico."They suck.I'm so happy.Hopefully that will shut them up for the next 3 or 4 years".

Now thats much more like it!

Scotland play Norway tonight and must now win all three remaining games and hope Norway slip up to have a chance of qualifying for the World Cup.It aint gonna happen.Even if we do take 2nd in our group we still have to win a play off.I predict a draw tonight. 6 pm kick off so leaving work early to get home in time to watch it.

Played just over 2 hours of poker last night at Pokerroom.I'm still clearing an $80 bonus and require another 370 player points.I've still not had any reply to either of my emails to Interpokers support.One about bonuses and another about a hand I was leading in when their system booted me.Still not received my cashout cheque from them either but maybe that takes 7-10 days.Poor service to match the poor players at the site.

Played 2 full ring .50nl tables and managed to find one with an average pot size of $45. Had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach a couple of times when I lost pots.The polar opposite of the joy felt when an opponent bets big into your nut hand.You know the feeling where you know you're ahead and have the odds on your side but some clown hits a 2 outer he had no right to hit ( 95% of the time) when you had suckered him in beautifully.

Managed to tell myself that its not the bad beat but how I react to it that counts although I did concentrate on the other table for a minute or so to avoid the most annoying piece of poker chat ever invented......."Wow". Ok we all know most of us don't mean "nh" when outdrawn but you just know that "wow" is the last thing a beaten player is really thinking and I think it just looks a bit sad. "Ouch" I don't mind if its the player outdrawn writing it but its not something I'd use in the chat unless I was trying to tilt someone.

I did have fun with one player who I think was trying out my big blind trick of raising to steal the limpers cash. I was on the button and the first time I raised his $2 bet to $6.50 with nothing and he folded.The second time I actually limped with Aces in the cut off as the table was playing very tightly and all had folded to me.I limped and he bet $2 again from the BB.This time I raised it to $8 but he didn't take the bait and folded.I was hoping it looked like a such a blatant steal he would call.

I was way up on one table where I was running the show and players were waiting to see what I was going to do next but couldn't catch a card on the other where players were furiously writing "fish" next to my name in their notes.Its a crazy old game right enough.

Finished up $26 and went to bed at 0.30am for an earlyish night.

Ok bring on the Vikings....

edit: 2-1 to Scotland! Que sera sera whatever will be will be,We're going to Germaneeeeeee,Que sera sera

Well maybe not quite yet but we have hope!

And my Northern Irish granny will be smiling down from heaven after NI beat England 1-0.

Ohhhhh Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy na na na na! ( sung whilst jumping up and down like a madman)

Repeat till ye run out of bounce....


At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Blogger Donkey Face said...

I like the way you try to get the other players to label you as a fish. Juice and myself have been trying that lately by complaining about losses whenever we're at the table. We also constantly criticise each others' play.

When you raised with nothing and folded, did you subsequently show your hand? What other fish image strategies do you use?

You wrote about not having "The polar opposite of the joy felt when an opponent bets big into your nut hand". Well, last night, Pacific Poker timed me out and autofolded my full house when the software did one of it's regular little pauses. That cost me a tourney and tilted me. Good stuff!


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