Sunday, April 23, 2006


After the Old Firm game finished 0-0 my cousin and I headed to the Wabash poker club for the Sunday £5 nl rebuy + £5 entry fee.This was only my third live game there and I'm still getting used to the rebuy period of 1 hr 45mins.I did gamble it up a bit more early on though folded an 8c9c which would have made a nice straight.

I took the add-on for another £5 and rebought three times in total for a £25 outlay,though I made £5 ( £5 bounty for knocking someone out) back on a lucky suckout when I raised from late postion to steal with K9 and ended up hitting a straight v KK!

Got down to 16 from 33 starters and I was quite short stacked with about 7.5k ( 15k ave stack) when I got moved into the big blind at a new table and looked down to see AdJd.One limper and the small blind made up so I pushed in almost every chip and called the small blinds flop bet for my last 2k in chips to see he had J9 and had paired his 9 on a ragged board.Survival may be crucial but I felt I was pot comitted and if I'd folded I'd have had enough for the blinds next time and no more.

The tables tended to be 8 handed at most and were down to 6 at some points which as a 6 max player helped a little although a rebuy tourney is a totally different mindset to a cash game.I think I would rather play a £20 freezeout than have any rebuys but I'll get used to it and from a value for money angle I get at least 1 hr 45 mins play before I crash out.

They run cash games sometimes and I'd love to try out my bread and butter online game live.Back to tourneys and I'm playing in the DADI 5 WSOP event tonight at 'Stars.Kicks off at 2am and despite being around -15 hours on my flexi-sheet my boss has agreed I can start late tomorrow morning which is just aswell really because even if I go out first ( strong possibility!) it's going to be a late one.

Decided to warm up for tonights deep stack mtt by playing a couple of $5 turbo sng's at Pokerroom to try and get me in a tourney frame of mind.Placed 2nd and 3rd for $15 profit.I don't have the patience to play a $5 sng at normal speed anymore.Far too long a game for little reward when the 6 max tables are calling but the turbo's are up my street.

Don't let anyone tell you there are no tells online.I have to say I was guilty of the first one until I realised when I saw it that I could narrow the villans range to about 3 hands.While that's on my mind I'd also like to mention that The Theory of Poker has taught me to try and select a range of hands for the villan rather than just one.I love to put someone on the exact hand they have as early as possible and will try and be more open-minded in future.Bck to the tells, first tell was when I raised it up with AA in one of the $5 turbos I played in last night.It was a big bet and the next player to act took forever then reluctantly called.As soon as he did call I realised he had a monster and had been using the delay to try and pretend he was making a borderline call in order to try and sucker another caller to the hand..He had QQ.

The other one was when I bluffed at a ragged flop then slowed down as an Ace came on the turn and river.When the villan bet on the river I took a few seconds then folded at which point the villan showed his KJ for a bluff with a better hand leaving me laughing my head off.I'm sure he thought I'd connected with the flop and him representing trip aces was what eventually scared me off.

Ok one quick hand history ( goodbye half my readers!) before I go.

The villan sat down at the table and was all in a couple of times right off the bat before calming down and playing like a maniac! That's why I called his re-raise on the flop and his all in on the river.

I'm not posting to show off.Simply showing how powerful a good read can be at the table and why I don't do hand history analysis on most of the poker forums I'm a member of.Unless you were in the seat you could never say whether I played it well or not.

** Game ID 482676277 starting - 2006-04-24 00:08:58
** Barnsley [Hold 'em] (0.250.50 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- Fekwit sitting in seat 2 with $25.44
- PurplePlum sitting in seat 4 with $7.92
- Natty96 sitting in seat 5 with $19.29 [Dealer]
- Acornman sitting in seat 6 with $65.99

Acornman posted the small blind - $0.25
Fekwit posted the big blind - $0.50

** Dealing card to Acornman: Queen of Spades, Ace of Hearts
PurplePlum folded
Natty96 folded
Acornman raised - $2.50
Fekwit called - $2.50

** Dealing the flop: 5 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds
Acornman bet - $5.00
Fekwit raised - $10.00
Acornman called - $10.00

** Dealing the turn: 6 of Spades
Acornman checked
Fekwit went all-in - $13.44
Acornman called - $13.44

** Dealing the river: 3 of Hearts
Fekwit shows: Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds
Acornman shows: Queen of Spades, Ace of Hearts
Fekwit wins $24.94 from the main pot
Acornman wins $24.94 from the main pot

End of game 482676277

I've just seen the breaking news on the BBC reporting at least 22 dead in terrorist bomb explosions at Dahab,100k from Sharm on Eygpt's Red Sea coast.Mrs A and I went on an excursion to Dahab in Nov '04.The Blue hole as it is known is a famous diving area and whilst I only snorkelled the memories will live with me forever.

We were back in Sharm in January and this kind of attack will never put me off going my holidays there.Terrorism only works if it instills terror in people.

Ok thanks for reading and hopefully see you DADI 5,Pokerstars,2am UK time....


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