Monday, June 05, 2006

Fool Tilt

No early signs of the monster were detected.Played with Juice at a full ring .15-.30 table before making 3rd in a $5 sng and chatting to Rosie too.Said cheerio to both and headed to a 6 max $50 nl table where I promptly lost a $13 pot.Ok just a wee dunt and nothing to fret about.

Then I get AsKh and call a $3 raise from early position.Flop came 8 s 8h 5s and when the villan makes a $4 continuation bet I simply called.Although I'd not been at the table long the villan seemed a loose aggressive type and I was actually fairly sure I was ahead of a weaker ace or kq type hand.That was when I should have applied the pressure and made a large reraise based on my read.I weakly called instead and as 93% favourite on the turn and still quite confident I was ahead I check called a $7.50 bet.When a 3rd spade fell on the river I decided I was still ahead and even if he did have a pair I would represent the flush and went all in for $23 which he insta-called with his Ks9s.( King flush).80% ahead on the flop,90% ahead on the turn but in no way was that a bad beat.

A fishy play and my own poor moves have always been my worst tilt trigger.My steam control is fairly good these days thanks to more experience,feeling accountable to myself in this blog and realising that dealing with downward swings is all part of the game but I certainly haven't become immune to the dreaded money eater.

Moved to Party and basically threw away $90 with careless silly plays.Most of it was caused after calling a $3.50 raise at a $100 nl table with KQ and then putting the preflop raiser all in when he bet out $18 on a King high flop with a flush draw on board.It was obvious he had AK but despite "knowing" this I still made my move.Been interesting reading all the posts on luck on various blogs recently and in simple terms perhaps the villans AK v my QK on a K high flop seems unlucky but luck had nothing to do with it as I very rarely play KQ for a raise in the first place.I wonder why!

Oh I also played a $5 pokerroom qualifier for a $30 sng and went out all in preflop with 1010 v KK and QQ.(QQ won with Q on turn).

It was 3am after my Party nightmare and thankfully I saw sense and went to bed $140 down for the night.

Any other reasons for tilting aside from being annoyed at myself for fishy plays? Nothing that stands up to scrutiny.Time to simply put down to a bad night at the tables and move on.

Looking forward to the Pokerstars blogger tourney on June 18th.Nice start time too .9pm on a Sunday will do just fine! I nearly considered playing the last Dadi from the hotel lobby last Mon night but a 4am start and the 2 Euro per 10 mins charge were just a couple of factors which meant it was a bridge too far.( not sure Mrs A would have managed her usual laidback approach to my poker play if I'd pulled that one either).

No names were mentioned but another blogger mentioned to me that members of an online poker forum have poker blogs running simply to allow them to enter blogger tourneys.Seemed a bit unlikely to me but I suppose with WSOP seats up for grabs and human nature being as it is I shouldn't be too shocked.I think blatantly starting an infrequently updated blog simply to get access to blogger only games is very wrong but the lines are so blurred in cyberspace I can see that it would be hard to police. Do the bloggers just find the forums involved and register so we can play their private forum games? Where does it end?!

This post on the other hand ends here.


At Monday, 05 June, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Pokerstars Blogger Freeroll is open to any type of blogger, not just poker bloggers.

I have seen in other ones where it's just supposed to be for poker bloggers and other people weasel their way in. It's too bad, but as with anything that is giving away free will always attract these types of lowlifes.

At Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Spot on Mookie.

Looking forward to the Stars tourney.Hope to catch you there..


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