Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Live Blog Special!!!

Going away on Saturday ( have I mentioned that?) with Mrs Acorn and Step Acorn.My Mamma and Papa Acorn are away just now and sister Acorn is just back from her honeymoon with brother in law Acorn.I'll get to the hand history later but you know playing poker last night very much reminded me of one of my favourite books.People were lion at the table,I didn't know witch cards to play and after losing my shirt I hid in the wardrobe.No prizes for guessing the book but all comments welcome!!!( I may even pay a small buy-in fee as a prize) .

I was thinking this would be my last post before my holiday but as a special treat for my readers I may well live blog my $50 sng for your delight and pleasure. As a micro-stakes player be sure to note I will include all my deep level one thoughts as I progress."Look they're both the same colour" and "never raise with rockets" are just two of the areas for exploration.Oh and don't worry as it will be a No-Limit holdem sng I'm playing in as I learned my poker from the television and have no time for those kid on poker games like Omaha 8. If I make the money I promise to post a cute photo of Nacho looking all fwuffy and sweet.This blog DELIVERS!

Oh ok I'm just have a bit of fun after reading Felicias latest post.Couldnae resist a badly written,poorly thought out bit of fun.

Not much to write about last nights play.I finished down $7 at Laddys ( includes $11 late night crapshoot fee) and up about the same at Pokerrooms 5 max tables. I was quite happy to break even after losing a buy in with QQ v AQ after getting the fish to commit preflop.Damn Ace on the turn stuck it to me there.

Quick one from the paper before go off for dinner and poker...

A reader catching a bus from Glasgow's city centre to the Victoria Infirmary asked what the fare was, and was told it was £1.10. Without the right change, all he could do was put two one-pound coins in the ticket machine, accepting that he would not get any money back.The driver looked at the coins and told him: "It's no' a savings scheme I'm running here".

WE overhear two businesswomen sipping champagne in Rogano with one explaining her latest financial coup."It was difficult getting through to their chief executive," she declared, "as his secretary was blocking his calls."But the next time I phoned, and she asked who was calling, I simply said it was the clinic. I was put through straightaway."

Dinner calls.The hand history can wait!


At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger Felicia :) said...

LOL, funny.

At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger Klopzi said...


Looks a lot like my writing, save for the book-related metaphors.

I don't read, save for the occasional poker book and the back of a shampoo or conditioner bottle when I'm otherwise indisposed with nothing better to look over...

Have a great vacation, btw!

At Friday, 26 May, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks.Hope ya'll visited my sponsor too...


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