Sunday, May 14, 2006

$50 Question

I like Pokerrooms new qualifiers for Sit n goes.I paid $7 + $1 to enter a 42 player mtt qualifier last night.The top 5 got a ticket into any $50 sng on the site.I won ( crapshoot once we got down to final five) and now need to decide where to use my ticket.I don't remember ever playing a sng at that level before so I was considering a 5 or 10 player turbo.Then again to get the most play out of it possibly a standard 10 seat sng is the answer.Any suggestions appreciated!

Weekly figures are Interpoker $870, Ladbrokes $1784,Party $261, Pokerroom $ 816.
Total $3731 ( + $101 for week)

I should have taken a break after winning that $50 sng ticket.Stepped in to a Laddys 6 max table and lost $45 in a matter of minutes leaving me thinking about how I'd just played so well to get that $50 ticket yet spent $53 since I sat down to play.I kept my focus and pulled back a little but not a lot to show for a long session which ended around 4.30am.I actually did best at a full ring .15-.30 nl table.I sometimes feel I'm stepping down and don't play my best game at .15-.30 but when the pot average is $15 and 4 players have a vip% of over 60% then there's no point in turning down an opportunity like that.Bought in for $30 and left with $80.

Strategy wise at the .15-.30 tables you can throw your poker book in the bin.It's usually 4-5 players or more seeing every flop and several players playing 70% of hands.Limping is the name of the game.I played 30% of hands last night and only raised preflop once.Hit the flop hard then make 'em pay.When drawing so many players make min raises ( .30 into a $5 pot etc) that even with middle pair it can be worth a call post flop due to the implied odds.The bet big or go home idea is made for these tables.People don't seem to know or care about pot odds.Even my Mum is learning them now!

I moved to Party for my last 15 minutes of play and got suckered on the river when a fish hit his low kicker when we shared the same pair to drop $25.Told myself that players like that are the reason I can smoke fine herb all night and still win money at this game! After last week it was just nice to be back in profit.Only this week and next week to go before Majorca calls.I'd like to make it up to $4 k before I go ( winning a $50 sng would do nicely!) but the poker gods can be fickle so I'm not going to push too hard for the $269 I need.

Funny how I'm gunning for $5k in order to move up yet when I took a look at some of my posts from late last year I was already playing $100 and $200 nl and posting some fine wins.It was only a few horrendous beats/plays around Xmas time which slowed me down.I do sometimes wonder how much progress ( if any) my game is actually making.Having listened to the Chris Ferguson podcast on bankroll management ( link at Guinnessandpoker) I think I am taking the correct approach.Maybe I could step up to the higher levels just now,get on a roll and never look back but there aint no back up bankroll.I didn't build it to where it is to lose it to the certain swings that no limit poker bring.

Mrs A has left me in charge of renting a dvd for us tonight as she's out at her Dads just now.She does seem to be coping a lot better with losing her Mum and has seemed a lot more like her old self despite the depression she is going through.

Still I'm sure renting the "World Series of Poker 2005" or "Rangers greatest Games" will lift her spirits....


At Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

Hi - I play a lot of SNG's at Poker Room, and whilst I'm not at your level of play in terms of table values, I do a lot of the 5/10$ SNG.

In my opinion, the Turbo's are full of maniacs - some seem to be be all in or fold, so I steer clear of these.

Play tight and sensible in a normal 10/5 and you get to the top three every time unless you hit a bad beat or some idiot calling your AA raise with 10 6 and hitting.

just my thoughts..... but GL with it.


At Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Md.I'm not at the $50 sng level either! $5 and $10 sng's are my usual bag when I do play tourneys.

I was thinking about the turbo option to give me a chance ( more luck) against the regular $50 sng players.

I'll probably end up just playing a standard 10 seater.

At Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger MiasDaddy said...

I meant the 100$ NL tables you mentioned - I've never got past the $1 NL!!

Interested in your thoughts on my latest post.....



At Monday, 15 May, 2006, Blogger Klopzi said...

Just play a regular $50 SNG. They play the same as any other SNG, just a little tighter.

You'll do fine, don't sweat it.

At Monday, 15 May, 2006, Blogger Jestocost said...

I vote for the standard $50 SNG too. I think Pokerroom also features larger starting stacks (2,500 vs. 1,500) with the same blind structure at that level, so it favors tighter play. Can't you also use your ticket for a $50 MTT? If so, give the European Daily a look-see.

At Monday, 15 May, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks for the comments.I think the standard $50 sng is the way I'll probably go.Going to take a look at the Euro daily too but want to give myself the best chance of some kind of return on my $8.


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