Monday, May 01, 2006

Holiday Monday

A frustrating night at the tables ended with me winning $3 overall for my efforts.Played in Ladbrokes daily raked hands mtt with 719 others and came 8th for $43.Went out with 77 after raising preflop and getting a call from a villan with A8 who hit an 8 on the flop and put me all in.I felt I had to call with so much in the pot but folding would have left me about 30k and still in with a shout so maybe in future I'll hold back a bit if I feel I'm beaten.

I felt as if I'd played fairly well for most of the mtt.Check-raising the big stack just off the bubble with Kc8s on a Ks 6h 7 h because I felt he was stealing was probably my boldest( daftest!) move.The prize money up till 10th place was only $12.50 so while I wanted a high placing I wasn't going to fret over being 35th or 11th so that probably allowed me to open up slightly more than usual.

Thanks to Juice for donning his mini-skirt and pom poms and cheerleading me during my short time at the final table!

Played around 300 hands at Laddys 6 max and was doing ok until a fish hit a 5 on the river with his K5 to beat my KQ with a K on the board.Cost me a buy-in at $50nl.Finished at Laddys $6 up and moved to Interpokers 6 max tables.Moved up to $200 nl 6 max and played till 4.15am losing $3 but gaining a load of raked hands towards the $90 bonus I'm clearing.Amazing how much more quickly those points rack up at $1-$2nl.

It did take me time to adjust at the $200nl buyin level especially as I'd picked a very loose table.I folded K7 post-flop on a 7 3 5 rainbow board ( blanks on turn and river) and watched a $160 pot go to a loose player won with with J7.

I think if I was a footballer I'd be the type the manager would have to encourage and build up before a game rather than the type that needed a kick up the arse all the time.

It's illogical and silly but just playing at the DADI5 at the same table ( for about 10 minutes!) as Doubleas,Wil Wheaton,Joe Speaker and Tripjax has given my game a real confidence boost.I'm starting each game with much more of a positive expectation than I did previously.I'm not moving up yet but my small dabbles at $100 and $200 6 max nl will probably ( unless I take major hits) be more often in future.My worry is/was that while there's no hiding place at $50 nl for the fish I play ,I would be in the same situation myself if I was severley out-classed at $200nl.The more I dabble ,the more I think there's less to fear than I thought so long as I'm at my best.

Being at my best means I'll probably have to put a 3am limit on my weekend sessions.I was up again last night until around then and have to admit my concentration had slipped a little by 4am after numerous smokes! That in itself is another issue.Da herb has always helped me pick up on and read the mood of the table/players very well but at $200 nl I need to be more aware and sharper re all the variables in a hand.I very rarely play without a smoke but it may be something I'll need to watch as I attempt to move up.

I like smoking! Fuck it.I'm staying at da micro levels!!

Mrs A came home last night and is back over at her Dad's today.We should find out when her Mums funeral is tomorrow.I have a busy week with my sisters wedding rehersal on Wed before her big day on Friday.

Cheering on Scotsman and Rangers supporter,Graham Dott, in the World Snooker Final from the Crucible.He's 13-7 up just now and it's first to 18.Hope he can finish Ebdon off and bring the trophy ( fuckin' only one this season!) to Ibrox to show it off. Gaun yersel wee man!

I'm off to the Showpark for EK Thistles' last and biggest game of the season against Clydebank at 7pm.If we win we are promoted to the Super First division which considering the club have little money and average crowd of 50-80 would be a great achievment. Lose or draw though and we miss out and have to try again next year.It is a holiday Monday and I hope the people of East Kilbride get out ( it's only raining slightly!) and get behind the team.

Edit: We ARE going up,say we are going up!!! Won 3-0 tonight.Stagecoach Super League First division,here we come! If Clydebank beat L'Gow on Wed night we could even go up as Champions! Either way roll on next season!

Thanks to CC ( great post today worth checking out btw) and Juice ( rubbish post today but worth a look ;-) for the comments yesterday.Much appreciated.

Here's a couple of funnies from the paper before I go...

Architect Bob Menzies was telephoning a firm in the English capital for a catalogue where the sarf London receptionist asked for his name. After carefully spelling out his surname, which can be somewhat tricky to some folk, he then added: "R for Robert."The catalogue arrived addressed to Mr Arfur Robert Menzies.

Sharp exit: Scotland should support England in the World Cup, says John Grant of Cumbernauld. The reason? "It's the only way we can guarantee that England will be papped out at the first stages," says John, who wins tickets for Bob Doolally's show at Glasgow's Stand comedy club.Other suggestions gratefully received.

Someone not quite clear on the concept: Reader Andrew Martin tells us of a discussion at work on the merits of left-footed footballers, left-handed people and so on. A female colleague finally chipped in with: "I'm glad I'm not left-handed."When asked why, she replied seriously: "It would be terrible. I cannae do anything with my left hand.


At Monday, 01 May, 2006, Blogger TripJax said...

Glad I could help, though I'm pretty sure I donked while you were playing strong.

Nice job.

At Monday, 01 May, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

how dare you slag my post!

At Monday, 01 May, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Cheers Trip.

Glad you never took the bait Juice....

At Monday, 01 May, 2006, Blogger Juice said...



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