Saturday, May 06, 2006

Simply the Best

Had one of the best days of my life yesterday at my wee sisters wedding.She looked fantastic and the whole day just flew in.My reading went well with no stumbling or sounding as if I'd swallowed a kilo of speed.The speeches at the reception were surprisingly good too.My sister presenting her new hubby with an "Under New Management" t-shirt was a touch of class.

I know most Americans don't get it but football ( round ball!) is the international language of communication for most men,transcending language/ culture barriers and allowing conversations to be struck in the strangest of places, however it seems poker is taking over or at least gaining ground judging by the number of friends and relatives I talked to yesterday that play the other "beautiful game".So many in fact that my next home game may be an MTT!

We gave one of my sisters friends husbands' a lift down to the reception.He's from Charlottesville,USA and was good company despite me struggling a little with his strong accent...
His kids loved the scramble which is where the groom throws money away ( lots of coins) just before the wedding car leaves the church and all the kids scramble for them.I mentioned it had been a poor week at the tables but while I'm just a little acorn ,elbowing those little bassa's aside to get to the cash was definetly an ev+ proposition.( or it would have been if I'd not supplied the bag of coins in the first place!)

I was really pleased Mrs A made it to the wedding after enduring a horrendous week.She was an absolute star and looked amazing in her dress and Step A managed to stay on her best behaviour too.

The highlight of the night for me was dancing with my sister.It was around this time last year she was told she had cervical cancer and to see her looking so radiant and happy ( and thankfully still cancer free since her op) brought a tear to my eye.I'm Scottish and male and don't cry very often but I was just so proud of her.( jings I'm getting wet eyed writing this!).

Only managed to play a little poker on Thursday night thanks to the thunder and lightning which kept causing me to get disconnected.Maybe the poker gods were trying to tell me something after a shitty week results wise at the tables.

My head hurts and my legs are sore today.Not sure whats with my legs.The hotel last night is right beside Ayr racecourse and I vaguely remember drunken talk of all the lads running a furlong or two but I'm pretty sure we never actually did it.I'm only 33.Surely I'm not so old that just he thought of excercise causes pain?!

With my head being so fuzzy I'll probably stick to sng/mtts tonight or stick to my mattress and sleep.

Read my fav gastronome s' post on low limit poker bloggers and had a laugh.Surely it's simple.If you don't like then don't read.If you read,don't like and keep reading then more fool you.I don't think you have to always like or respect the person to enjoy reading their blog.Human nature is funny that way.Like the rubber neckers at car accidents or the millions of people who say they have no interest in the latest kiss and tell stories yet strangely tabloid editors pay a fortune for the rights and sales go through the roof.I may think da gastronome comes across as a bit of a twat but if he wrote a diatribe ripping into a different blogger each day I'd probably read it.In real life I'd stick up for friends in the firing line and I can understand why people want to do the same for people they've got to know online.Personally I reckon I'm fairly thick skinned so by all means come and have a go if you think yer hard enough!

I started this blog for myself to keep a record of my play and life.Making new friends and meeting new people ( well Juice so far) have been added bonuses.If that upsets the gastronome or anyone else I really couldn't give a toss.Get it right round ye as they say!

I can no longer access any blogs from work due to restrictions.More than a bit frustrating but possibly liberating too.I do always try and bear in mind that other people may read this whilst at work and try tone down language/content accordingly but from now on I may be more frank!

Actually that whole internet at work censorship thing is a fuckin' joke.( I'm starting already!) Not allowed to look at gambling sites or any semi-nudity etc yet the canteen can sell lads mags "Zoo" and "Nuts" and nobody blinks.I read today about a guy leaving his job and his workmates hired a stripper to go topless in his office on his last day.Now the company are investigating and can't condone it blah blah blah.Have they never seen a pair of titties before? Was any real harm done? Is the whole world just looking for an excuse to take offence or deem something "inappropriate"? Seems so to me.

Errr what was my point again?hmm.

Worst part about posting from home is finding time.Recent posts have been made when just I'm just home and very tired,hungry and not really in the mood for it.I like to post daily if possible ( even if the content is bollocks) because I'm a lazy git and if I miss more than a few days I may not be arsed posting again.

Maybe I should only post when hungover.The content may still be bollocks but hey there's a lot more of it....


At Monday, 08 May, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

What is with all the crying!?!?!


Glad you had a great time mate.

Congrats to your sister.

Hope the speech went well.

At Monday, 08 May, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Cheers Juice. Not as much crying as those Spurs fans yesterday though!

At Monday, 08 May, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

Im not srue they could cry. Too dehydrated by the food poisoning! How sad.... :-)

their best season for years andits still not enough to stay above of the arse! great stuff


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