Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nice Tuesday

Another case of the moody Monday blues meant I stuck to my Mums old adage of “if you don’t have anything nice to say,don’t say anything at all”.

Full of niceties today so here goes…

I’ve been playing a few more tourneys as I’m going to use my $50 sng ticket this week.Came 2nd in a $5 turbo,then 7th before going out of a 20 player $5 turbo on the bubble for the second time in a row.My A10 was well ahead of the villans A9 and after a 9 10 3 flop I felt fairly safe.A blank turn card and Pokerrooms software showing I was a 95% fav going to the river meant nothing when the 9 fell.Got some sympathy from the table but really wasn’t too bothered.I’d much rather suffer these beats in low $$$ sng’s than at a ring game with my stack in the middle and besides 5 % of the time I’m expected to lose so I suppose that was part of the 5%.The other player didn’t deal the cards and if they were all so good they never made bad plays I wouldn’t win as often overall.

Played in Laddys $2.5k daily raked hands mtt last night and came 49th for $12.50.I had some luck when I won a few early coin flips before making a play with AJ from early positon.I was one of two big stacks at the table and hadn’t played a hand so I was hoping to take the blinds.The other big stack ( I had covered) in the bb called and we saw a flop of A Q 9 with two clubs.I bet,the bb raised all in and I tried to consider all her possible holdings in the allotted 30 seconds before deciding she could have anything from a flush draw to a smaller Ace or lower pp or even trip nines.Without any reads of any sort I called and was drawing nearly dead to AQ.The same player then stole my big blind and called my all in later when I held AJ again only this time she had QJ and my hand held up.Thanks to Mr Edge who was there to wish me luck for my last few hands.

I normally act quite quickly at the virtual table but I may just use the “I’m going to fold but make you sweat” delay from now on.Someone raises and you intend to fold but let the clock run down first.I wonder if it’s an attempt to make the raiser think twice about picking on that persons blinds in future especially if they are prone to stealing.

Headed off to Laddys 6 max after that and won $15 despite a mistake I made whilst still in tourney mode.I had 33 and had called a very small all in from one player who got one other caller too.The other caller was quite a loose aggressive player and checked post flop.I checked too and we ended up checking it down until he caught a Jack on the river with his AJ and I made the crying call.Both our hands beat the all in player and if I’d been thinking I should have bet when he checked to me postflop.

Counting down the days now till we go away.Mrs A has the cases packed already and I was designated the job of getting our digital camera working.The guy at Jessops said the memory card was full and as I thought we had all the photos from it I had it wiped only for Mrs A to tell me there were pictures of her oldest boy getting married on it.Ooops. Thankfully Mrs A is not the type to go radio rental over something like that.In fact we rarely argue or fight at all about anything.Mrs A knows to leave me be when I’m tired or hungry and I know when to stay out of her way.

Ok I'm home,I'm tired and I'm hungry! Get outta my way....


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