Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Intering Hell

My tilty nightmare returned again last night combined with a dose of nasty variance.I lost a $50 buy-in at Laddys through a dreadful play then moved to Inter and moved up to £100 buy in 6 max as I thought moving up would force me to get back to my best game.I'm quite used to moving up a level after getting stuck and I don't usually take my tilty attitude with me.

Made a decent start before losing a big pot with an Ace flush against the villans straight flush.That was for nearly $200 on top of the $50 I'd lost at Laddys and I have to confess I let it get to me and tilted off another $150 before being disconnected with AK on an Ace high board and having just made a £10 continuation bet.I've emailed Inter the hand history to request at least a refund as I had been booted several times and had no problem with my adsl connection.It did kind of sum up my night and I sat in front of my frozen screen feeling quite sick at my own tilty play.

It didn't help before I started when I checked my Inter account and found only $1046.Previously I thought I'd made an error and really had $1146 but I obviously can't read a simple page as it states that my although my balance is $1146 ,my withdrawl balance is $1046 as I have 25% of a $100 bonus left to clear.

Gave myself a mental slap round the chops,shut Inter down and moved back to Laddys $50 nl 6 max determined to play patiently and well.I won about $25 at my table and then lost it with KK v AQ.Money in on Q high flop,Ace on turn and bye bye pot.I was at least proud of myself that I kept it together after that but my stack wasn't moving much.I constantly post about table selection and spotted a $100 buyin 6 max table with only 3 players and huge pots.Almost every hand saw someone all in and I decided to take my chance and sat down.

It was late and luckily for me I had found a table with an even tiltier player than me at it and over the course of about 25 crazy minutes we played for some very juciy pots.I won a nice sidepot when three of us got all in ( 77 v my AK sooted v ?) and the shortstack made his set of 7's and my Ace paired before splitting a $300 pot with the tilter when we both held K8 on a board with two kings and a possible flush.

The crucial hand that meant I left the table $193 up overall was when we were three handed and I was dealt 6d7d in the small blind,called and saw a flop of 5s 8d 3s.My fellow tilter and I both had $144 and the shortstack $44.

Turn was a 9d giving me the straight and an open ended straight flush draw so when tilty friend bet $3 I knew I had him and raised him to $24.He reraised to $69 and I reraised again to $114.He went all in for another $75 and I called for my last $30.River was a 4s and when he showed 8s 3h for a flopped 2 pair I smiled as the pot came my way.I actually wrote "ty" in the chat box and felt quite shitty about it almost as soon as I'd typed for two reasons,firstly because I hate the kind of eejits who can't win a pot without a smart comment and also because despite previosuly reloading ,my tilty friend left.

Overall then a disaster of a night rescued slightly with that big pot at laddys.I've decided I'm going to await my reply/refund from Inter and then cash out my remaining $687.My credit card total has been creeping up lately and a cashout boost would help reduce the debt.Inter has been good to me in the past but I'll probably concentrate on Ladbrokes now despite the lack of reload bonuses and the fact they've withdrawn their weekly $100k raked hands mtt.( and the daily $2.5k mtt freeroll).

I started my first play money account at Pokerroom almost exactly 2 years ago and I feel a bit disgusted with myself that even after many many hours of play I still haven't mastered my steam control.Looking back over the months I've not tilted very often and I suppose there aren't many players completely tilt free, but before I left for my holiday I took pride in the fact I seemed to be devloping a thicker skin when it came to bad beats and dealing with my own annoyance at myself after a bad play.

With my impending Inter withdrawl I'm not sure where that leaves my $5k challenge.( about $1.3k short!).I need to forget about moving up for now and concentrate on getting back to my best at $50 nl for just now.Hopefully the $$$ will follow...

Ok enough whining!

It was great to hear from my old friend the S-man last night.He mentioned occasionally reading my blog so hello hello if your reading this mate.Been friends with him since high school despite his incredible projectile vommiting all over me whilst driving around my wasted friends when we were 18! He has a young family but is slowly catching the poker bug and I'm looking forward to catching up with him next Mon night.

Last day off work today and the sun is shining.Off to make the most of it while it lasts....


At Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, Blogger Juice said...


Try this as well. Its another arctic monkeys song about prostitutes. Its great.

At Wednesday, 07 June, 2006, Anonymous S-man said...

Keep the heid Acorn!

Thanks for the menshy - will you ever forgive me for the p. vomitting or the fact your car reeked for about 6 months after? ;-)

At Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Forgive you s-man ? Nae chance ;-)

Ok gonna check out dem monkeys Juice...


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