Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bloggerment Tonight

I had a good Xmas at my folks place and have been playing loads of Modern Warfare ( usually quite badly) and some more $22's at Party.

Not much going on so I thought I'd have a quick moan about forum talk.Maybe it's just me being a grumpy old git but do people think typing "This" and quoting somebody else really adds to the debate? Ahh well at least "google is your friend".Fuck off you patronising tosser!

I realise that people want their posts to stand out, however exaggerating and calling everything "insane" or "ridiculous" gets on my wick too.Adding stupid boxes like this [x] - Total Fud, also strikes me as almost as annoying as Brits calling it a "level" when somebody is joking in a post.I like America and Americans but does everybody have to be "dude".Such douchebaggery!!

It's probably looking at the Modern Warfare forums which has tipped me over the edge.MW players seem to have bigger egos and be more pathetic than even poker players usually manage.Somebody posts a vid on youtube of themselves killing 100 players in less than 30 seconds and the first response is "Noob".

Righty I'm off to watch the end of Rangers gubbing Hibs ( 4-1 at the moment).Hope to see you at the Bloggerment tonight on Stars.All welcome as usual.

/End Post!


At Sunday, 27 December, 2009, Blogger dD said...

u are a grumpy old fucking git *)

At Monday, 28 December, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Fuck off Dudley :-)


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