Saturday, July 30, 2011

Down the Silverhatch...

I finally got round to playing some poker last night, although I was only 4 tabling as I watched a superb film, "The Fighter" during my games.I also scored some nice solid and now that I only smoke at weekends there were a few misclicks and wtf moments when I thought I'd won a hand and found I'd lost instead.Stars speeding up the time it takes the cards to fall and discovering the option to close the game right away when I crash out means I've still no idea what went down in many of my knockout hands!

My first game of the night was a bit of a sickener.It was a 575 fpp satellite into an MTT Burnley Mik had mentioned was on tomorrow night on Stars.It was a 6 max game and the other players were probably all spoon fed their dinner as they were so bad I thought they were just randomly mashing buttons for much of the game.

I got heads up with a total drooler and probably blew it by getting a bit impatient when I had been easily outplaying the guy.He had just under 10bb when I shoved with K10s,hit a King on the flop v his A5 and of course watched as the Ace fell on the turn.On checking the main tourney lobby it looks like there's late registration for 3 hours after the main game actually starts so it would probably be a very late finish anyway.( and that's no good with work the next day)

When playing donks at low level sngs there's really no need to over think situations much of the time.I did note down the hand below from a $15 sng and remember thinking it was interesting as it went down.Looking back now though I'm struggling to remember why I played it as I did.I do vaguely recall that Maddi was a loose agro donk and the other villain was a tightish multi-tabler.

When Maddi donk led the flop I think I felt it was unlikely he had a Queen and on such a draw heavy board my hand was still good.When the button flat called my reraise on the flop and the donk called too I was ready to give up and didn't intend putting another chip in the pot.When the board got even scarier on the turn and river and it was checked to me I felt it was worth shoving to try and get the button to fold a weak Queen as I'd already shown real strength on earlier streets and could have slowed down on the turn due to potential draws hitting.I could also have hit one of those draws and I was hoping he'd be asking himself what he could beat and he'd fold when he realised the answer was not much!I probably had the best hand anyway....

Away from the poker I was at the Rangers game on Tuesday night and I don't think I've ever been as angry at a game before.Most of the team looked very rusty and despite missing a few chances in the second half,Malmo probably deserved their 1-0 first leg lead.We did win 2-0 today in the league but I can't see us turning things round over in Sweden on Wednesday in the second leg of the Champions League Qualifier.I hope I'm wrong!

Not much else going on.My wee nephew started crawling this week and I'd like to pass on my thanks to Bullmeister and Burnley Mik for helping keep the wee man entertained with the hard work they put into job of sharing the voice of Big Chris in Roary the Racing Car! Their duet on the theme song is definitely destined for chart success...

In my last post I mentioned the online dating thing can be soul destroying and as soon as I posted it I felt it was a bit over the top.Anyone who regularly plays sit and go games or poker in general through a long downswing knows what real soul destroying is like and in some ways I think playing poker has helped me bounce back quickly after some of the crappy failed dates I've been on.It's not all been bad, afterall I've had a few shags ( and could have had more if I'd been less fussy!),seen a few good movies and had some nice dinners!

It was only when I went back to work fulltime in April that I completely stopped smoking weed during the week and without getting too deep about it all I think it's taken me a few months to discover what kind of person I am without it as I was so comfortable with how I am when I do have a smoke.I just thank my lucky stars I never got into alcohol in the same way or I doubt I'd be here to write this!

Still I am here and it is the weekend so I'm off to roll one up....

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At Tuesday, 02 August, 2011, Blogger BurnleyMik said...


Listen Rab C Nesbitt, leave our Lancashire twang alone and buy yourself another can of Tenants Super :)

Did you play the red spade thing? Any joy? I was terrible, don;t think I made 2nd break.



At Thursday, 04 August, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hehe,sorry BM,Couldn't resist.Not drunk Tennents Super since I used to mix it with Merrydown cider as a teen!

Didn't play the red spade thing in the end.Came 2nd in a 575 fpp max sat and that after seeing it had a 3 hour late reg I gave it a miss.


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