Saturday, July 23, 2011

Speedy Beats

I was back at Ibrox today for the early start to the football season in Scotland and although I'm usually late everywhere I go,I made it in time to see our world record 54th League Championship flag being raised by the chairman before the game.We ended up drawing 1-1with Hearts and on the balance of play it was probably a fair result.

I've watched quite a few movies recently( True Grit,Paul,Kings Speech,Clerks,Fargo,127 Hours,Hangover 2) and last night I fired up a couple of poker tables and watched Unknown as I played.It's Liam Neesons latest outing and although the plot line is a bit far fetched I ended up only playing two sng's during the film.As per usual my first big hand ended up as a bad beat after my QQ fell to JJ.The Jack came on the flop though and my AK lost to 1010 in the other game.I did play a few micro stakes heads up hyper turbos much later on and although they are a bit of a luckfest they are quite good fun as they only seem to last 5-10 mins max.

Something Stars have done in their latest update is to speed up the time it takes for the cards to be dealt both to the players and on the board.So far I'm loving this improvement because my psychic abilities mean I have an uncanny knack of correctly predicting my opponents two outer on the river.The faster speed means the beats don't seem to hurt quite as much.

Before I settle down for tonight's movies/poker/Black Ops I need to nip out and buy a bandage for Nacho's paw after he badly cut the side of it last night.Thankfully it stopped bleeding and didn't need a vet visit but it's a nasty one.He was limping last night when I let him out late on although he seemed to forget about any pain when he was out earlier chasing pigeons!

Is he as daft as the dog in the clip below? Probably!

This weeks plan is to go to the Gers Champions League qualifier on Tues,catch up with Step A on Wed evening and head over to my parents place on Thursday after work to see them and my wee nephew.

I'm also dipping my toes back into the online dating thing and trying to keep a thick skin about it all.It's such an ego boosting/soul destroying way of getting in touch with women.Ideally I'd still like kids of my own at some point,but I'm going to be 39 in a few weeks and if that's not going to happen then apart from the obvious ( and there's quite a few women on a free dating site available for that!) I'm really not in any rush to get into a relationship.Maybe I'm too selfish and set in my ways for relationship stuff anyway.Time and some more fun dates will tell I suppose!

Just switched on the tv to see the breaking news about Amy Winehouse dying.With her drink/drug problems it shouldn't be too much of a surprise but I still feel quite shocked.Her voice was incredible and her "Back to Black" album is still one of my favourites and helped me get through my break up with the Ex Mrs Acorn a few years ago.RIP Amy.

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At Sunday, 24 July, 2011, Blogger rubbish said...

Unfortunate first song on that album but it is a belter. Another one joins the 27 club. RIP.

At Wednesday, 27 July, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

barking fucking mad (imho:)


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