Friday, August 12, 2011

Head In A Box

Just back from taking Step A out for a pub meal.She's just turned 17 ( gave her a Machinehead ticket and money to go and see The Inbetweeners movie) and I thought she was finally growing up a bit when she agreed to go to the pub instead of out usual Mc'ds.That was until she admitted she hated the ginger colour she has dyed her hair and doesn't want to bump into anyone she knows.Back to Mc'ds next time I think!

I thanked her for the happy birthday text she didn't send me and she managed to make me feel good by guessing "54" when I asked her which Birthday I celebrated a few days ago.I did get my own back when we arrived back at her Dads place and she pointed out the "hot neighbour" across the road that she fancies.I've never seen her move as quickly from my car to her house when I offered to lower my window and shout "Hello hot neighbour"....

It's been a good week between visiting my folks,wiping the floor with Two Pies at pool and watching coverage of the riots Juice and Mr Edge started in London.I was pleased to see the those arrested getting long sentences for their behaviour though it would be even more pleasing to see all those cabinet ministers who scammed their expenses serving a jail term alongside them.

Work wasn't too bad this week.I had some fun with the girls ( well mostly middle aged women) around me yesterday when I was talking to an angry American woman on the phone and trying to sort out her complaint.She said that one of our staff had been on her premises and lied to her.Almost as soon as she made the lying accusation she said she needed to put me on hold which gave me a chance to hit the mute button and pretend to carry on with the conversation.I promised to have the lying member of staff involved beheaded and to send the head round in a box to mount on their wall.My voice isn't the quietest in the world and there were a few shocked looks from my colleagues before I let them know how it had really played out!

Ok,seeing as this is still a poker blog I'd better go and load up some tables....



At Tuesday, 16 August, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

Heh. Funny office post.


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