Saturday, August 06, 2011

July Stats and Useful Flushes....

Thanks to Rosie,Josie and Wildcat for the birthday wishes left in the comments on my last post.I even got a card from the girls in my team at work addressed to "The Auld Yin" which is a bit of a cheek considering most of them are in their late 40's or early 50's.In fact, when a few of them complained the office was cold the other week I nearly got a slap for suggesting they just wait for the next incoming hot flush amongst them and they could all simply gather round and get some heat!They give as good as they get to be fair and I'm always kidding them on I'm on first name terms with the good people on the employee counselling hotline.

The S-man came over last night and we played Black Ops online with a few mates before watching Inception.I liked the film ( though it took a bit of getting into) and after a few smokes I was glad the S-man was there to keep me right with wtf was going on.To jump back to the gaming,I've had a headset for my PlayStation for nearly 18 months,used for mature chat like telling kids I've owned them and that they don't need their fathers anymore because "You got a new Daddy now boy!".I was thinking about a new headset as I've never been able to hear much once the game starts and the sound of gunfire and the S-mans noob toobs become too loud.That was until last night when the S-man pointed out my headset ( wee earpiece thing) actually has a volume control....

Today I hit the local casino for the £22 turbo tourney.My sister paid my entry fee as a birthday gift and also treated me to dinner afterwards.There were 78 runners and I felt I played quite well this time although in truth I didn't have any really tough decisions.The blinds rise every 15 mins and with a 10k starting stack, despite starting well, the lack of playable hands after that and the creeping blinds soon left me needing to double up.I called a late position shove with AQ from the big blind and beat A6,won a race with AJ v 88 and made it to the first break with a just above average stack size.

After winning a nice pot with QQ V JJ I was pretty much card dead and with such big blinds to stack ratio there really isn't much room to get creative.Eventually with blinds at 4k-8k ( my stack 44k) I made the final table of 10.We all agreed a "save" of £20 for 9th and 10th and battle began.I folded for an orbit and then shoved over the top of a couple of limpers with JJ,they folded and I was up to 73k.

A few hands later it folded to me in mid position and I shoved my 73k in the middle with JJ.I had just under 10 bb before the hand and when tightest lady player of all time called my shove I knew I was toast.It would have been stupid to raise/fold with my stack but she was probably the only player I would have folded my JJ to if I'd made it 20k to go preflop.She showed KK.No regrets though and at least I walked away £20 better off!

My Mum had a wee op last week and I'm going over to see her and my Dad tomorrow before heading to my local pub for a £15 freezeout poker game that Two Pies saw advertised.The pub is within walking distance and has been refurbished recently.It's had a reputation as a bit of a dump and I vaguely recall going there with the ex Mrs A a few years back on a Sat night and it was full of glakit looking couples nursing their pints of lager and staring at the walls.As long as the poker game is good and it's not full of men with tattoo's and folds at the back of their shaven heads ( never mess with such men is a good life lesson!) then all should be good.

July Stats: Pokerstars $2007 ( + $18) Party $436 ( - $367) Total Loss for July -$349

Total current online bankroll $2443

As I mentioned in reply to Josie's comment on my last post,the only famous thing to ever happen on the anniversary of my birthday ( and Sugar Bears!) was this delightful historical moment...( great clip though)

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