Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'll be your dog...

I slept in this morning after not setting my alarm properly and rushed through my brekky and morning cup of tea before walking Nacho and heading off for work.I'm in the top flat of a block of four and as I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed Nacho had sneaked down too and had bolted off down the nearby path.He's always in the hall as I leave hoping his Daddy isn't going to leave him until Two Pies arrives to take him out around lunchtime, but he's never run off like that before.

I was cursing that he chose this morning of all mornings when I'm running late to make his escape.I ran down the path shouting his name and then back up the path when I caught sight of him running off again in another direction.I was half way up the path,still shouting on him,when suddenly he appeared and a startled women also walking up the path looked at me as if I'd lost the plot.As he ran towards the woman instead of in my direction it became clear why.It wasn't Nacho! My boy had been in my flat the whole time minding his own business!

My day at work didn't improve my mood as my manager pulled me aside proposing to give me a verbal warning for spending too much time online looking at a Rangers fans message board.Regular readers may remember a similar "informal" scenario back in April
and as was the case then the accusation is completely false and has been fabricated by the same dickhead as before.

He sits near a fellow Rangers fan I was over chatting to on Monday about Uefa charging Celtic over "illicit" pro IRA terrorism chants from their supporters.Personally I couldn't care less what they sing, but they started the fire a few years back by getting Rangers into trouble with Uefa over chants and we both agreed that karma is a bitch and what goes around,comes around.It just so happens that the lying dickheads son is part of a celtic fans group who are most prominent when it comes to declaring their love for the terrorist group.

Speaking to my manager,I didn't deny looking at newspaper sites and I do like to read and keep the Guardian ( no tree hugging for me though!) Comment is Free section open most days as I like to read through it when I get a spare minute.There's no way that constitutes excessive use and as I mentioned above I've not even looked at the Rangers fans messageboard at all.Maybe there is some irony in the Comment is Free section motto that "Comment is free but facts are sacred"!

My manager ( lovely woman standing in for the bus driver as he's on long term sick) is on my side and straight after the meeting I took her to my pc to look at the internet history ( it's IE6 and only covers this week and last week) which showed I was telling the truth.I got an email from her about our discussion and confirming my request that the IT security team look at my internet use in more depth to further disprove the lying dickheads accusation.This time though I've made it clear I'm not standing for this crap and want action taken against him.Watch this space...!

At least tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to a chilled weekend and to catching up with Dudley who is coming over on Saturday after the football for a session of drinking,smoking and online poker.I may even learn how to play an NL turbo 08 game, whatever that is!

Ok,the post title gives me an excuse to post this classic ( yeah that means old) UK cinema advert again.

I've just got time to add my congratulations to Captain America,Carlos Bocanegra,on being capped 100 times by the USA.He signed for Rangers in the summer and has proved to be a great buy so far and more importantly his Missus is a hot babe too!Looking forward to plenty of "USA,USA" chants at Ibrox in his honour this Saturday at the game.

Back soon...

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