Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Who are Ya? ( and Monthly Stats)

Pokerstars $3283 ( + $366) Party $604
Total $3887

Considering I only play poker at weekends these days I'm not too unhappy at only making $366 last month over 569 sngs.( mostly all hyper turbos and no play at Party at all) Towards the end of the month I also found it easy enough to play without using a HUD as it's the only way I can get Stars new hotkeys to work.

Playing four tables instead of 6-8 makes it easier to keep track of the play and I found the best way to assign ranges etc was simply to label players in my mind as regulars or randoms.Even after playing over 500 hypers I'm still not entirely sure if I prefer open raising for 2.5-3 bb preflop or just shoving all in during the early stages with playable hands.Against decent players only raising 2.5-3bb preflop with monsters and shoving the rest of my range would be very easy to expoit, but these are $7 games and for the most part I don't need to mix it up too much.

The next step up from the $7 hypers is straight to $30 and I'm tempted to give them a go with the stipulation that I'll drop back down to the $7's if I lose 40 buy ins.Only my nitty bankroll management and the thought of losing $1200 is stopping me at the moment!

Of course if I wanted to make some real money I'd withdraw my whole poker roll and buy shares in handcream companies.The girls in my team at work are obsessed by applying the stuff and don't seem to like it when they ask me about some complaint they're dealing with or some other problem and I offer the solution "Just put on some more hand cream".

Perhaps I'd be better off donating my poker roll to the local council who have decided to spend some of my hard earned taxes paying Peter Andre to switch on the Xmas lights in the town.The local rag even described him as a mega star! He had a couple of minor hits years ago and would have faded into complete obscurity if he hadn't been married to that mega trollope Jordan.

Mind you, maybe he is a mega star these days.Watching tv this morning the presenters were about to interview Cher.Now there's a mega star I thought to myself... before some no-mark Cheryl Cole look a like appeared.Cher Lloyd apparently.Never heard of her!

Anyway it's not been a bad week so far.I'm looking forward to catching up with Step A for a pub meal and to visiting my sister + nephew on before the weekend.I'm also seeing a woman about a dog tomorrow and buying the new Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 game on Saturday.( getting it early!)

Back soon...

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At Wednesday, 02 November, 2011, Blogger dD said...

ah ha ! another man who thinks that HUD's are not what they are hyped up to be .... once my trial TN runs oot, i'll be giving the stars hotkeys a go

At Sunday, 06 November, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm fairly partial to handcream myself at this time of year, and lipbalm.
I'm sure if pushed, you'd display a preference for women with soft hands, than a more.. industrial feel :)


At Sunday, 06 November, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I'd much rather have a working HUD and hotkeys Dudley.Hopefully they sort it before it comes out of beta.

lol Rosie,well when you put it like that... :-)


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