Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confessions of a Grandpa

Anon's comment on my last post made me smile and rethink my Granny Perfume Girl name for the latest girl I've been on a couple of dates with.I don't have a clue about fragrance names, but I do have to confess to only recently throwing out an old bottle of Kurous.I'm also currently wearing something called U by Ungaro, but even then that's only because a girl at work gave me a load of free samples from her Avon book.What is they say about people in glass houses?!

So far I'm enjoying my time off work and have played a ton of poker and Black Ops.I was also blown away by the end of series 5 of The Shield.So much so that I've needed a week to recover and still haven't started series 6 yet!

Last weekends poker is a bit of a blur.I did play some more Mtt's including the $55 I always seem to cash in.( from a large sample size of about 6 attempts!) Until Bullmeister was railing me at the felt last night I had Stars set up to close any table I exited from and although I min cashed in the $55, all I know is that I shoved K5 from the small blind with a 14k stack (1k-2k blinds) and lost.It hurt a bit at the time, however I've still not checked Pokertracker to see what the big blind called me with!

Since the weekend I've played a mix of 6 max $7 hyper turbos,18 player $15 turbo's and a few more heads up hyper turbos too.I've found that by tiling four tables and then adding another 4 directly underneath the first four I can play eight tables without too much trouble.I realise now too that I was far too stubborn in sticking to the 9 player $15's where there seem to be 4-5 regulars in every game.The luck factor means that in the 18's there will usually still be a few fish left to abuse around time the bubble comes round.By abuse, I mean fish don't push or call with wide enough ranges late in the game and are easy to take advantage of.

I did mention before that I liked the meta-game battles with the regulars at the 9 player games as they're the only real break from the standard push/fold monotony of sng's ,but I also like having a big stack and pushing the weaker players around by shoving a ton and I get the chance to do that at the 18's.The bottom line is that owning fish is far more profitable than trying to outplay good players even if it does require less thought.

I've had a few sets of eight games where I haven't cashed and the swings are so big in multi-player sngs that at one point a couple of days ago my Stars roll was back to where it was on Sept 1st and I was thinking what a waste of time the first two weeks of this month had been.For the moment though I've pulled it back and have made a decent profit for the month, although my focus as ever remains more on volume than on short term luck.

Not much more to say today other than a quick moan about smart arses who say "Say again" when they don't catch what you've said the first time.Yes,I realise you're not saying "excuse me" or "pardon" as you're far too clever to need excused or pardoned for simply not hearing what was said originally, but coming out with "say again" instead just makes you look like a dick.

Tomorrow is also the first Old Firm game of the season.Our rivals sneaked back into the Europa League this season after being beaten in a play-off to get there by a Swiss team who apparently fielded ineligible players.I'm not much of a gambler outside of poker although I do put the occasional football coupon on.However I was kicking myself at not following up on a tip on a Rangers forum to take 6-5 on Athletico Madrid beating celtc by more than one goal as it was a licence to print money.( they won 2-0) Anyway hopefully we can thrash them tomorrow and kick on at the top of the league towards 4 league titles in a row!

Here's one of my favourite goals v Them from the 9 in a row season back in '97.I had a bad case of man flu that week, but nothing was going to stop me from going to the game .Can't believe it was fourteen years ago! Oh for a team of that quality these days!

Thanks for reading.Back soon.....

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