Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dates,Donks and Dirty Talk.....

My internet date the other night got off to a bad start when I arrived at the cinema and spotted a sullen looking blonde haired woman who looked much older than her profile photo.After glancing across a couple of times and only getting a hard stare back I was ready to make a sharp exit.

Thankfully she wasn't my date for the evening and when the girl I was due to meet showed up a couple of minutes later I was quite taken aback as she was far nicer looking than her online pics.I did mention that to her, however I'm not sure implying she looked quite plain in her photo's online but surprisingly hot in person is actually much of a compliment!

I had pretty much decided beforehand I was going to enjoy the film and anything else would be a bonus.As it was the movie ended up being totally sold out and we ended up going to a nearby pub instead where the chat flowed quite easily, despite me calling her Laura instead of Lorna a couple of times! Perhaps it helped that approaching the situation with very low expectations ( after previous dates) meant I managed to resist talking complete crap at a million miles per hour like I usually do on first dates!

Anyway we've exchanged some texts and have made plans to go back to the cinema to see "The Inbetweeners" this Tuesday so as ever I'll take it easy and see how it goes.

Of course if I can learn to talk dirty like Simon in this NSFW Inbetweeners clip I'm sure my second date will be fine...

On Thursday night I was at Ibrox to see Rangers go out of Europe to Slovenian minnows Maribor.On the balance of play and chances created over the two legs we should have gone through, but football is about scoring goals and defending well and we did neither well enough.Back to trying to get excited about being being slightly better than that mob across the city.( who also crashed out of Europe)

On the poker front I'm still only playing at weekends these days and thanks to a Stars promotion I'm only 45 fpp's away from reaching platinum star this month.I pay that much attention to that kind of thing that I only just noticed this week that I had $80 worth of free rewards to collect!

I warmed up by owning a couple of donks at $1.50 Heads Up games.I like the rematch option as it keeps some fish coming back again and again.I beat one particular donkey several times before he declined a rematch and the competitive part of me loves the thought that somewhere in Canada there was someone sitting in front of a laptop/pc feeling sick and frustrated at being outplayed.Even if it is only tiny stakes, heads up games always seem more personal.

The $1.50's and $3.50's were only a warm up for 6 tabling the $15's and after my usual rocky start I played good poker and ran well to finish the night with a decent wee profit.After playing 8 tables ( and rolling!) last week I felt more comfortable going back to 6 and beating one of the better regulars heads up a couple of times felt good too.( though the heads up part could have gone either way to be fair)

The standard of play was reassuringly awful and at times it felt like Sng's from a few years ago when it was possible to almost fold into the money.

Ok,that's enough for today.Quick question for anyone using Blogger.Any idea where the spell check option has gone when posting or why there's a small gap at the foot of every post since I hit some upgrade button?

Back soon...

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At Saturday, 27 August, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

I'll teach you how to talk dirty. ;)

At Saturday, 27 August, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

the inbetweeners is really funny! watched it last night. Brilliant.

At Saturday, 27 August, 2011, Blogger lightning36 said...

I don't know that I would depend on the dirty talk to work this time around. lol

At Sunday, 28 August, 2011, Blogger Amatay said...

Never take a bird to the cinema on a first date imo. You cant fooking chat to em and use your smooth moves

At Wednesday, 31 August, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ahh Josie you're such a fox.....woods regular!

Enjoyed what I saw of the film too Juice.

Lightning the dirty talk bit was really just an excuse to post a clip from The Inbetweeners!

Good point Amatay but after recent crappy first dates I reckoned if she was a nightmare at least I'd get to see a good film!


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