Saturday, August 20, 2011

A6 Shove:Case for the Defence

asked about the blinds/stack sizes in the A6 hand I wrote about in my last post.I've pasted the relevant part below and edited it to correct my table position from the small blind to the big blind.

"Coming 198th from just over 2000 runners in a $55 game won me $124 and meant I ended up $4 down overall for the night after adding up my buy-ins.I've been trying to lose my nitty Sng nature, although I'm not sure my exit move was a good one.The button raised and I shoved A6 from the big blind, forcing him into his timebank before he called with A8s and knocked me out."

In my defence the villain had a 25% Attempt to steal stat and I had been tight and hadn't made any recent moves.Watching vids on Float the Turn has made me realise I need to look for good spots more in Mtt's and worry less about what my actual holding is.

The villain did have decent pot odds to call, but would have been pretty much crippled if he had lost the hand and he would still have had enough behind if he had folded to my shove to make future moves.If he had folded I would have won more than 50% of my chipstack at the start of the hand and given myself some fold equity for future hands too.

I probably shouldn't admit that I don't even have Pokerstove downloaded on this laptop but I'd guess my A6 would play ok against his button raising range here,especially as I'm guessing he was decent enough ( 11 vpip/7pfr over 94 hands)to think I was ( 11/10 over 253 hands) only going to play back with a tighter range than I actually did.He did use much of his timebank which would reflect that.

Perhaps my resteal was marginally light and having paid the big blind I would have had nearly an orbit to be first to raise in a pot, however the big stacks had been quite aggro and I may never have got that chance.

Here's the actual hand:

Last night I hit the $15's on Stars after warming up (and finishing the night) with some of those addictive wee heads up micro hyper turbo's.I'm such a nit that last Sunday I did the HU challenge idea posted by Burnley Mik on Raise the River and chickened out after getting to $15 and moved back down.( the idea is to start at $3.50 and keep moving up with winnings and to start again after any loss)

By the time most Sng's get to the heads up stage they're a bit of a luckfest, but my HU game is quite weak and playing even $1.50 hyper games can only help I reckon.I've even started chatting back to some fish although I need to learn the tricks when replying "ty and fu too" as my fu's keep getting censored by Stars! ( f.u. works I've now learned!)

Anyway I played 30 of the $15's and made about $60 despite the usual sick beats and Ace rag being golden against any premium hand I held.I even managed the quite impressive feat of stepping up and 8 tabling whilst also rolling a wee number at the same time.

Poker and Black Ops is the plan for today,Two Pies and I are going to the Rangers game just down the road at Motherwell tomorrow and I'm taking an internet date to see The Inbetweeners next week at the cinema.I'll also be at Ibrox on Thursday to see if Rangers can overturn a shocking 2-1 first leg defeat to Maribor in the 2nd leg of the Europa League Qualifier.

Hmm where's the spell check option gone now that I've upgraded some option at Baaaaaa!

Back soon...


At Sunday, 21 August, 2011, Blogger Wildcat said...

That 25% to steal stat, is that from the button or any position?

I think it's very marginal either way tbh. If you think you are better than average on the table, it may well be a fold.

At Sunday, 21 August, 2011, Blogger Wildcat said...

The problem is that in that position you will get called pretty often, and when you do you are in poor shape.

At Saturday, 27 August, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Sorry for the late reply Wildcat.I had intended sending the hand to one of the instructors at a training site but I reckon you're right and it's just one of those marginal ones.

The 25& stat was from the Pokertracker HUD and I assume it is a blind stealing stat but not sure if it's just from the button or any position.


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