Sunday, September 04, 2011

Unwanted Blog Links!

Hmmm I'm not sure if anyone reading can see links to spam web pages on my posts over the last couple of days.For some reason I can see the word "chat" from paragraph two of my last post and "cinema" and "bonus" from my Aug 27th post now contain links to web pages and I don't know how they got there.Even Amatays comment on my last post seems to contain a link I know he wouldn't have posted.I did a google search and have run my Macfee thing and windows defender and the links are still there.Has my blog been hacked or is it a spyware thing? Any help appreciated!

Edit: As soon as I posted this I can see links I didn't create from the words "games" and "money" to external sites.Grrrr!

To the poker and I hit the tables on Friday night hoping to continue my good run from last weekend and ended up getting thoroughly bitch slapped,managing just one win from my first twenty four $15 sngs and only a few 3rd places from a couple more sets of six games after that.Last night began the same way at the single table $15's.My Stars roll took a battering and was sitting as low as $1882 before I decided to take a break from the 9 player games and hit the 45/180 turbos.

The first few sets brought more nasty exits before I finally managed to make a couple of $15 180 turbo final tables.I took 6th in one for $106 and 2nd in the other for $495.The 2nd place didn't feel great at the time after having 1010 beaten by 55 for a huge lead when three handed and then by A2 for the win when heads up with even stacks.I did beat KK with AQ to get to the final table though and as we all know the poker gods don't owe us anything and don't keep score!

On the dating front I've not been back in touch with the girl I twice watched the last 1/2hr of The Inbetweeners with last Tuesday night.She had said she wasn't into endless texting and I said the same and although we did text a couple of times after each date, she leaves on Wednesday for New Zealand and I feel I made it clear I was free for dinner before then and it's up to her to get back in touch now.We got on fine on our second date, but there isn't much time to chat at a cinema date and although we seemed to click if that's it for now then so be it.Also it may seem trivial but her kissing was a bit passionless and her perfume smelled like something my granny would have worn and although I'm maybe being picky that's also been enough to stop me texting her to see how her packing/planning for NZ is going!

Of course if we do get together again and end up getting it on as a couple, I'll expect you dear reader to pretend you didn't notice the ninja edit which will magically make the last sentence of the previous paragraph disappear into cyberspace!

Next week is my last week at work before I'm on annual leave for two weeks.I did get my new passport through the door last week and considered a jaunt to Amsterdam but Two Pies is broke and although I'd be happy to go myself it's going to cost £400 for flights/hotel for three nights and the Dam is so expensive these days I'd probably be looking at another £300 ish in spending money.I can afford it, but I reckon I'll stay at home and just enjoy long lies,poker,black ops and visiting friends and family this time.

I'll also use some of my time to do a cull on out of date blog links on my sidebar.I realise twitter and the facebook thing have taken over from blogging in many respects and Black Friday has hugely affected the US poker blogs, but it does seem quite sad to me that there only seems to be a handful of the older school poker blogs still being kept up to date.As ever if any genuine bloggers out there would like a link just drop me a comment and if I delete your link and you start writing again just let me know and I'll add you again.
Back soon...



At Sunday, 04 September, 2011, Blogger lightning36 said...

Links being put in your blog? Interesting.

At Sunday, 04 September, 2011, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

I don't see any spam links on your blog posts mate, even in all your older posts. It's more likely to be something on your computer. Cogsgoigne had something similar on his laptop when he visited RTR. Drop him a PM or something.

Gl with the rumping and the SnG's. :)

BTW do you think the$15 18's are any softer? I have been watching all these daft Russians and Brazilians (and Netherland) players playing lots of post flop poker in a SnG... wtf is that about? I only just had another go at them and was very suprised to see it had moved away from push-botting.

At Tuesday, 06 September, 2011, Blogger Sports Punter said...

Hey, must admit I read your Blog more for the love life rather than the Poker, but if you want to link up to a low stakes fish it would appreciated.

Good Luck



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