Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Came to say Hello...

Thanks to Burnley Mik for his comment on my last post.The unwanted links I'm seeing on my blog ( and others) must be some minor ( hopefully!) spyware type thing on my laptop as they don't appear when I access the net from my mobile phone.I'm just glad it's not a hacking issue.Although I spout a lot of pish here,it's been my dairy for the last six years and I wouldn't want to lose it! It does make me think twice about renewing my Macfee virus guard thing if it's not going to fully protect my machine.

Mik also asked how I was finding the $15 18 player turbo games and in truth I couldn't answer as I only included a couple of them alongside the 45/180 player turbos I played last weekend.Last night after warming up with a few wee Hu and 9 player hyper turbos, I fired up sets of six $15 18 player sngs and kept six tables going by replacing any I busted out of.One session isn't always enough to judge how the games are playing, but they certainly seemed very soft indeed and I ended up taking more than a few down and making a decent wee profit of $180 for my nights work.

It did cross my mind as I was going ( stumbling more like!) to bed that if I'd won £115 in a live poker tourney I'd be quite excited about it, whereas online swings of a few hundred dollars in either direction really don't give me pause for thought at all.That's probably a good thing as the swingy nature of poker would drive you mad if you let it!

I was also watching Aliens as I played and smoking some fine puff after seeing a woman about a dog last week! The good news is that I'm now on holiday from work for two weeks and although I've no plans to go away, things are starting to get quite stressful at work and I'm looking forward to the break.My neck and shoulders have been quite painful over the last couple of weeks and while I plan on playing a ton of poker during my hols,I'm going to try and avoid being on the laptop when I'm not at the felt as I'm pretty sure that's what's caused my aching neck/shoulders in the first place.

I have updated my links sidebar and have deleted a lot of blogs which are no longer updated and added a couple like The Sports Punter and Everton Yorkie ( who I thought I'd already linked to).

On the dating front I did text Granny perfume girl on Monday to wish her a safe trip to New Zealand and to say we could maybe meet up again when she gets back.She replied on Tuesday to say "Thanks for the message" and to take care etc.Saying "thanks for the message" seems like the kind of reply I'd send to someone at work! I'll probably take a break from the monotony of exchanging daily messages about exciting daily life stuff with women I probably won't even like much in person for the next couple of weeks and get back into it when I'm back from my hols.

After watching Rangers win 1-0 away at Dundee United thanks to a Kyle Lafferty's  ( ex Burnley legend) goal the plan for today is to play some Black Ops ( probably under my new PS3 online "U Futt Bucker" name) and hit the tables later while cheering on Andy Murray in his almost mission impossible task of beating Raffa Nadal in the US Open semi-final.

Ok,time to go and try and stop listening to the catchy wee tune below on repeat on my Ipod all day....!

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At Wednesday, 14 September, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading part of your blog I'm curious to know which perfumes are considered granny perfume? My gran used to wear YSL Opium. If you haven't had a whiff it's dark brown, really strong but I wouldn't describe it as addictive. She also had a large beehive hair do and enough toilet paper dolls to open a shop.

I can easily describe grandpa after shave without any help at all. Kouros, Old Spice and Brut are top of the list. I love the smell of these as they remind me of him. Memories of his tins of snuff & the drunken songs he used to sing after a night out at the pubs in Partick come flooding back. However I guess you don't want to think of your grandpa during intimate moments.

At Wednesday, 14 September, 2011, Blogger lightning36 said...

I wouldn't write her off just yet. A little time away might get her thinking ...


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