Friday, October 14, 2011

Hypers,Bribes and Pishy Pan Pipes

Thanks for stopping by to read my littletexttard blog today! So much for my esteemed readers backing me up in the important and vital for world peace "do you use your finger or thumb to write text message" debate.If it makes any difference I should point out ( using my index finger of course) that I only started using my finger to write texts when I got my new touchscreen phone earlier this year.

Not got much poker news to report.I made a small profit playing my usual turbo sngs last weekend before having a go at the 9 player hyper turbos where I ran badly and probably didn't play that well either due to being unfamiliar with the right push/fold ranges in many spots.

The edge is just so small in the hyper games due to the faster format,500 chip starting stack and the lack of fold equity.I think there's some room to outplay people in the 6 max version of these games, but the 9 player ones just seem like a bit of a luckfest to me.

I read the thread on 2+2 and Raise the River about the proposed £30 million guaranteed live tourney the Bernard Tapie group have floated as happening at Wembley Stadium next May and if I'd been drinking tea as I read it my reaction ( in time honoured internet forum tradition) would have been to laugh so hard the tea would have ended up all over my screen.

Tapie was the guy involved in match fixing and bribery allegations when he was owner of Marseille football club back in the 90's and I still believe he denied my club Rangers our best ever chance of winning the European Cup that year.As for him taking over Full Tilt poker and paying the players back the money from their accounts I wouldn't be holding my breath on that happening anytime soon either.

At work our team got a new manager back in May and it was obvious when he joined us that he thought he could treat us like teenagers working in a call centre.( his previous job) Without going into too much detail our team get an allocation of complex written complaints every day and we have a separate team who take any calls from customers calling in looking to speak to us.Our department doesn't take complaints over the phone and our boss has found himself way out of his depth trying to deal with the escalations we pass to him.

Due to his attitude he doesn't get any sympathy from us and his initial "I'm on the bus going places" speech didn't go down well either.He's now been off sick for three weeks and has a line for a further four so hopefully he won't be back.One of our other colleagues is also off sick and the team chipped in to send her flowers and a card from "The team ( excluding the bus driver)" which I found quite funny.

I was going to have a quick rant about those American Indian blokes who pollute the Glasgow air with their feckin' pan pipe music when I'm out walking on my lunch hour but I reckon that's enough cool stories for today...

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At Saturday, 15 October, 2011, Anonymous Rosie said...

I'm a fingertard too.. I don't like this climate of hostility towards us :).

It's like.. fingerism.

At Sunday, 16 October, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah,us Fingerists should stick together Rosie.We're just a persecuted minority!

At Sunday, 16 October, 2011, Blogger lightning36 said...

Thumbs rule!

The team manager sounds like the classic "dick with ears."


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