Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fruity Hall of Famer...

After making steady progress at the $7 6 max Hyper turbo's I hit a brick wall on Friday night and barely won a hand.I even saved a couple of the worst runner runner bad beat hands for posting here, before remembering that bad beat stories only just pip hearing about other peoples dreams on most folks...

In days gone by I would have stuck up a soul searching post yesterday about swings,variance and all that jazz, but I've played so many sng's I'd almost be shocked if I didn't run into 20 buy-in downswings on a fairly regular basis.It did make me think though that if I step up to take a shot at the $30's, I'll have to quickly increase my gulp limit ( the amount I can lose in a night without it bothering me) from about $300 to well over $500.

I've just downloaded Jared Tendlers "The Mental Game of Poker" for my Kindle and maybe reading that can help me with gulp limits and taking shots at higher levels.If reading it is going to help save me money, I'm half expecting page one to read " Don't pay any attention to other bloggers football/horse tips"! I've not been in a bookies since the Grand National and after Pekan King and St Neots let me down yesterday I don't plan on donating again for a while! The old phrase about never seeing a skint bookie comes to mind..

Before placing those losing bets and going to Ibrox yesterday to watch Rangers beat Dundee Utd 3-1, I popped into G-Force games shop and picked up my copy of Modern Warfare 3.It's not officially released until Tuesday and my first impressions of it are that it seems like a slightly improved version of MW2.

Despite having a new game I only played it for an hour or so before hitting the virtual felt.After my crap run continued over my first two sets of four games I could feel myself starting to get frustrated.I took a break and when I came back I managed to win some flips,get some hands to hold and eventually sneaked back into profit for the weekend.

I like listening to the excellent 2+2 Pokercast as I'm playing or when out walking Nacho and this week the two Canadian presenters were interviewing new Poker Hall of Fame inductee,

As someone with barely any accent at all, I think I can get away with that one....

Back soon...

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