Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nice Wee Bink

Hit the felt last night and after warming up with some $7 Hypers I loaded up some $15,18 player turbos and a $15,180 player turbo too.I won about $30 at the Hypers and 18 player games and managed to take the 180 game down for a nice wee score.

The funny thing was that as I was playing the final table I was thinking how fishy the table was and at one point when three handed I was able to pretty much run over the other two.I sharkscoped the last eight players at the final table afterwards and found they were all winners who had won about $220k between them.( and a couple had leaderboard stars too)Obviously playing better players meant they respected my raises more.**

When we got heads up and the villain shoved preflop,I called with 77 and lost a race against AJ that would have given me the win.After thinking "Here we go again",I kept plugging away and won the next two key flips to give me the win.

Of course if I keep playing $15,180 player games my profit from last night can vanish on one completely standard downswing, but for now I'm just happy to have taken one down.

** If you nodded in agreement at that bit,you're a fish!

Ok,just heading out to the football to watch Rangers take on St Johnstone at Ibrox.

Just time to post this youtube clip which made me smile last week.

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