Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glam's the new Gorgeous...

After a decent start to the month at the virtual felt the last four Mtt sessions have been a bit of a nightmare.I remember reading Kennl ( top Mtt pro) say recently on Raise the River that the secret to Mtt success is to "play well and run well".I'm definitely still working on the first part and if I'm going to stick at Mtt's I'm not going to moan too much about running badly at crucial moments over a few sessions.Afterall, unless I actually win every Mtt I play there's always going to be a sob story somewhere!

Here's one hand I wasn't sure about.When I looked back over the hand history I saw that it was a $27 Bounty Turbo tourney ($5 bounty) and perhaps it was a nitty fold.My logic was that the first raiser was very tight and I had been very tight too.It was the first blind level and after all the 3 and 4 bets went in I just couldn't see what I could beat.

Mind you by about 2.30am early on Sat morning I could barely see the tables never mind what I could beat.I played a wee bit of $50nl Zoom before bed and came very close to shoving all in preflop with 6h7d when I glanced at my screen and thought I only had 50 chips left in a tourney instead of the $50 cash game stack I really had!

On the poker superstar front I did have Elky at my "Hotter $55 Turbo" table for a short time before his AK was beaten by some fish overplaying A10.It did amuse me that one minute I'm sitting on the pan reading his "Raisers Edge" book on my kindle and the next he's at my table.

Despite being about $300 down for April I'm still enjoying playing Mtt's.I won't play any more $51 Hypers though as the variance is just too high.I should also probably cut down the numbers of tables I play to try and focus more on individual decisions, but Mtt's are such a numbers game I'd rather learn by playing as many as I can.

Away from the poker life isn't too bad.Tomorrow night I'm catching up with Step A and on Thursday evening I'm going out on another date with the girl I was out with last September.She went away for 8 weeks to New Zealand to follow the rugby world cup and I didn't hear from her again until just before Xmas when we were due to meet up again.She cancelled as she was running behind schedule that day and although we talked about meeting up over Xmas she never got in touch and I thought that was that.She got back in touch last month and I'm just going to play it cool and see how it goes.

There's also a girl I meet sometimes with her dog when walking Nacho.I've always thought she was quite cute but I met her on Friday night as she was heading out for the night and she looked stunning.Being the master of smooth chat I asked her if she was going somewhere special and when she replied saying she was just going to her friends I paid her the ultimate compliment of saying she looked " very glam". FFS! Gene Simmons looks glam and so did Marc Bolan.No wonder I'm single.

Thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Wednesday, 18 April, 2012, Blogger Josie said...

Look at you with all the girls!

Glam is cool and memorable making it much better than 'cute'. Yes, stunning would've been better. Use that next time.

At Friday, 20 April, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah all two of them and I haven't seen dog walking girl for a week!

Will def use stunning next time.Thanks Auntie Josie :-)


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