Thursday, March 01, 2012

Stats and Beats

Results wise I had my worst ever month at the virtual felt.The good news is that since I realised I can afford this years big bills without touching my poker bankroll I'm really not too bothered.Bankroll management has always been a major focus for me and as a hobby player it's been nice to gamble it up a bit for a change and take some Mtt shots, even if I feel like I've not been able to win a flip or get a hand to hold up recently.

I didn't post my KK v the villains A10 hand below as a bad beat story but because it made me smile at the up and down nature of poker even over the course of one hand.I get it all in preflop and when the cards flip over I go "yeah".The A A 6 flop leaves me saying "Noooo" before I hit my miracle King on the turn.Yeahhhhh!! The 6 on the river giving him a better full house completed the cycle with yet another "Nooooooo"! That's poker!

Taking a look at Sharkscope I see that a lot of my losses have come from playing Hyper Turbo Mtt's.If I'm going to take shots at the $51 and $25 games on a regular basis where the edge is tiny and swings are huge then losing months like this one are going to be quite normal.Hopefully they will be balanced out by more months with decent scores.

Despite running horribly I'm also still adjusting to Mtt's and although I never feel outclassed in low stakes sng's I can't say the same in some of the $44 Mtt games.I even had WSOP main event runner up Martin Staszko at my table in one game.

The poker plan for March is to keep playing Mtt's,run better and to try and keep improving my game.

Pokerstars $3526 ( - $1257) Party $602 ( =) Total roll $4128

I try and avoid bad beat stories because as we all know they are boring as f*ck. However as it's been my worst month ever ( and I've been playing online since Oct '05)and I feel like I deserve a moan. I'll keep them to the hand below and a quick whinge about my AK getting horsed by AQ in the $55 Stars Red Spade Open last weekend.

Away from the poker there's not been much going on.On the weed front my regular guy is spending some time on a holiday behind bars and another mate of mine is looking after his mobile phone.He called me the other night to say a text had arrived that said "got weed if need".After all the messing about on previous excursions to score I was dubious but I called the texter and arranged a meet up not too far from where I stay.

Look out for a big guy over 6ft and 19 stone he said.Parked the car at the side of the road and sure enough a couple of mins later this tough looking shaven headed bloke steps off the pavement and heads toward my car.I put my window down and say "Alright mate".He says the same back and I go to open my passenger side door.He keeps walking.Wrong guy!

Back soon...


At Friday, 02 March, 2012, Blogger dD said...

lucky he didn't drag you oot the motor an gi you a doin fur cruisin !! lol
swingy month indeed, thats more than my entire online roll !


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