Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Will Teenage Sex Give Your Pension Cancer?

After going to Ibrox to watch a poor Rangers side lose 2-0 to Dundee United in the Scottish Cup on Sunday I came home,watched some more football and fired up a bunch of turbo Mtt's.I ran like crap,made a couple of glaring mistakes and only managed one small cash for $25.

Two Pies was over and after the real football we tuned into the men in padded suits running into each other big final on the BBC.With no idea what was going on and breaks every couple of minutes we lasted until halftime before I sent him packing and hit the sack.Well ok I did watch a bit of Madonna doing the half-time show.When I was a teenager my bedroom walls and ceiling were covered in posters of her and she's still looking hot just a few ( hmmm ok,maybe 25yrs) years later.

Not much else going on this week.At work everything seemed as normal today when the bus driver said he was going out for his lunch.The big boss then called a meeting with our team to tell us he had left the company with immediate effect and it was smiles and laughter all round for the rest of the day.

Something else that made me laugh this week was this brilliant Daily Mail headline generator.No need for anyone to buy the paper ever again!

The Daily Mail song below is quite funny too.

Back soon...

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