Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in Black....

My broadband was playing up on Friday night which left me playing poker using a pay as you go usb dongle.I only played $7 6 max hypers as the connection was slow,I've got a bit of a cold and I was pretty exhausted after a long week at work.

Yesterday after getting back from watching Rangers beat Hibs 4-0 I had a hot curry for dinner ,confirmed my broadband was working again and watched an episode of "Banged up Abroad" on my laptop.I hit the tables around 10pm and registered for most of the Turbo/Hyper turbo tourneys in the lobby with a buy in of $51 and under.

I played 11 in total and apart from one terrible donkey play with 55 ( which saw me knocked out of a $16 mtt) I felt I was playing quite well although I was still losing key flips and running into bigger hands at vital times. I was also really enjoying the games and the challenge of adjusting to Mtt's.Even with my Stars roll down $1100 for the month at one point I still made plans to move $600 on Party ( not played there for months) over to Stars and to keep grinding Mtt's until I only had $3k left at which point I'd start grinding sngs again.

That was assuming I didn't cash in any Mtt's and that was looking more and more likely after crashing out of most of the ones I was playing in.( including my third TCOOP event) I was still in the $10,$10k Gtd but with over 2600 entrants and the decent money only starting at the final table I wasn't getting too excited about finally winning some flips and having some hands hold up.

With around 20 left I was quite short stacked and fairly card dead and only a few wee steals kept me afloat.I ducked and dived and even raise/folded AK to a reraise and shove at one point.( would have been against another AK and JJ which won the hand)

I made the final table as the second shortest stack but despite that I was really pumped up for it and remember thinking it's just as well I don't play much live poker if I'm going to shake like a leaf and get that excited.Rolling another and taking a few deep breaths calmed me down as did realising I'd really need to focus and battle hard if I didn't want to get blinded out in 9th.

Apart from my 44 holding v J10 I hung around without catching any cards or winning any huge pots as one after another crashed out until we were five handed.Not long after that I shoved A10 from Utg and ran into the other short stacks AJ.5th place for $1177 and back in profit for the month!



At Sunday, 29 January, 2012, Anonymous Rosie said...

What a shark, wp :)

At Sunday, 29 January, 2012, Blogger Daly said...

well played

At Wednesday, 01 February, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...



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