Thursday, December 22, 2011

If I had the wings of a sparrow...

I mentioned the girl I went out with a couple of times in September has been back in touch and we've been exchanging text messages all week.Without going into all the details the text chat started out with her telling me about seeing Pandas and building bears with her niece and somehow moved on to her telling me that experience would get her a job as Santas helper and me saying she'd look cute in an elf outfit or a few other outfits I could think of.

To skip forward a bit I said I was jealous that she finished at 2pm tomorrow as I had to work until 4.15 before finishing up until Jan 4th.She replied saying that she would come and sit under my desk tomorrow afternoon and that 4.15 would come in no time.Lots of winks and smiley faces in our texts and more were exchanged along similar lines.

She knows I work for a big company and I certainly never gave her the impression I have my own office or anything and that made todays text message exchange even funnier.

I sent one this afternoon saying I'd made space under my desk and that I just needed to get her a security pass,adding that I hoped she was still free tomorrow afternoon/evening.I stuck the obligatory smiley face thing at the end of my message.

I was in a bookshop at lunchtime reading the new book on Dave "Devilfish" Ulliots life when her reply came in ( no smileys or winks this time) and I was cracking up with laughter all the way back to the office.

"Really?! Are u wanting me under your desk tomorrow?"

Maybe you had to be there! We've arranged to meet up tomorrow after work so I'll see how that goes...

No poker content today but I will have a quick rant about the stewards at tonights Spurs v Chelsea game wearing cameras built into their headgear.Now while I would entirely agree there's no place for racism or discrimination in any walk of life, apparently they will also be looking to root out fans who are guilty of using foul language.

WTF has football become? There are family sections for those with young kids and besides even without those areas of the ground it didn't do me any harm to hear big bad sweary words whenever I persuaded my Dad to take me to games as a kid.

Football is a passionate game and although the clubs treat us as customers these days and the authorities would much prefer us all to remain seated and silent,it's a tribal game and a big part of that is being allowed some freedom to let off steam,sing songs that wind up opposition fans and generally contribute towards the kind of atmosphere that's in danger of being lost in todays society where looking to be offended has become a national pastime.

I have a season ticket to watch Rangers at Ibrox and apart from one area of the ground where a lot of younger fans get together and create a fantastic atmosphere, most of the ground is sadly fairly quiet on match days.The only exception to this is the Old Firm game and even then I much prefer being part of the away support when visiting our rivals.( Two Pies and I have tickets for next weeks game at the Piggery!)

There's just something about being part of 7500 people making a noise and drowning out 50,000 Celtic fans rustling their sweetie papers.( and I'm sure most Celtic fans would probably say the same about visiting the home of the Champions!)

If I had the wings of a sparrow....

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