Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dudleys Philosophical Musings

Maybe you had to be there, but Dudley was over last night for a fine beers/smoke/poker/ session and while he was here he asked a question I'd never even considered before and which made me look again at life and my approach to it.As he supped his beer and stroked his beard * Dudley asked not why we are all here,what life is all about or how to find true happiness.No,Dudley ( and he got quite heated about it) demanded know "Just what exactly do spotty dogs do anyway?".Answers on a postcard...

He must have brought some run good with him as I played around 60 hyper turbos and came out ahead and I even managed to get old Duds to load a few up and he finished in profit for the evening too.He also played a few NL08 games and although I tried to follow the action I still can't quite get my head round this having the best low card hand shennanigans.Watching one player finish a hand with a straight flush and only splitting the pot just didn't seem right!

We were having such a good time relieving the fish of their money it was almost 4am by the time we got a taxi organised for Dudley.I called it for him and booked it under the name Dudley, a name given to him by Rosie a few years ago.I'm not even sure I rememeber what his real name is!

Dudley Do-Right is his full moniker and I think it was chosen because he used to leave anon comments on my blog and sign off as Dd and not because he's handsome,brave and daring like the Canadian cartoon Mountie with the same name.
He certainly looked pleased that he was going to have to confirm that name to the driver before he got in the taxi.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

* fictional beard added for intellectual gravitas.

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