Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Everywhere

Text message exchange with my Mum yesterday.

Mum 4.52pm : Black Ice everywhere.Be very careful

Me 4.54pm: Okdokay

Mum 6.12pm : Are you home yet?

Me 6.13pm :Out at shops but don't worry I'll be home soon

Mum:6.13pm: Good.Watch for black ice.It's everywhere.

To be fair to my Mum, both my Dad and brother in law both slipped on black ice this week.Not much of a shock really.I hear it's everywhere...

To the poker and I did step up to the $30's at the weekend, although I stuck to four tabling and took a few wee breathers whenever I went a set or two of games without cashing.There didn't seem to be quite as many complete spew monkeys at the $30's and although it's only a tiny sample of 82 games I didn't feel out of my depth as far as the level of play is concerned.Not that it matters over 82 games, but I did finish up $74, with two wins and a second place in my last three games of the weekend helping me come out ahead.

In terms of knowing if I can beat the $30's I may need to play thousands of games but even the fact I wagered $2460 and didn't lose most of it helps me feel more confident about playing at that level.

Away from the felt I'm just about set for Xmas.I also got a text out of the blue from the girl I went out on a couple of dates with back in Sept.She went off to New Zealand to watch Scotland play in the rugby world cup for seven weeks and I didn't think she would be in touch again.

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to all that stuff.It was far easier at school where if you fancied a girl you would simply ask them to "go out" with you and if they said yes you were boyfriend/girlfriend until someone got dumped.Even dumping someone is now called "sacking" apparently!

These days it's "Well I'm looking to date, nothing serious though and I'm not just looking for a shag".Wtf does that mean?! Means you are just looking for a shag but you'd prefer a few dates of wining/dining to try and pretend otherwise!

Right,I've stayed up far too late writing this pish.Back soon...and if not then have a great Xmas!


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