Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Stats

Pokerstars $3987 ( + $704) Party $604 ( =)
+$704 for November.Total roll $4591

Played 682 sngs in November and as usual that was without playing any poker at all between Mon-Thus each week.I also managed to play 104 sngs in one session last Sat night which is probably a record for me.( all hypers though)

Of the 682 sngs 659 were hypers and after breaking even at them and winning the only $15 ,180 player turbo I played, next month I'm only going to play one $15 game and save myself a lot of time and pointless grinding.If only poker worked like that!

I don't mean to keep referring back to Jared Tendlers book, however I liked the example about a top sportsman getting paid millions to perform but not being paid at all to work out in the gym.Without the gym workout he's not going to be a top sportsman and without playing through the run bad/break even stretch I'm never going to take down the games I do win and make a profit.

Not much else going on.I saw an article linked by Everton Yorkie on the RTR forum which says that Facebook could launch real money poker in the UK from as early as the first quarter of next year.Even if only a tiny % of the huge number of Facebook play money players decided to give real money a go there could be very juicy times ahead! I don't twitter and I don't Facebook but I can see me signing up for the latter in double quick time if this goes ahead.And yeah I would give up on all my principles about privacy,online anonymity etc for a higher hourly profit rate.Show me the money!

I'm not sure how easy it would be to persuade play money players to play for real money.When I started with play money on Pokerroom back in June '05 I chose Pokerroom because it was only possible to reload for 2000 play chips per day.When Pokerroom withdrew their play money tables at Halloween that year I tried Stars for my poker fix and hated the fact that players were allowed to reload play chips with no limit.Where's the skill in that I thought.( without the slightest trace of irony)

It was that and the big Halloween first deposit bonus on offer at Pokerroom that first persuaded me to make the switch to real cash poker.And hey I'm glad I did or I'd never have become the anti-social,button mashing,carpal tunnel ridden couch potato I am today.Thank the poker gods I've at least made ( yeah prob less than the min wage per hour but still a profit!)some money playing poker and I do actually quite enjoy the game or I'd really be up the creek without a paddle.

As a real money player it's easy to mock those who only use play money.I remember being quite proud of my million play chip bankroll and thinking I must be quite good to have built such a roll.If you know anyone playing Facebook poker who thinks the same as I did then be nice to them,gently encourage them to open a real money Stars account and tell them low stakes sngs's are a great way to start out....

Back soon..

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At Wednesday, 30 November, 2011, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Are hypers real poker? heh. IF you break even then is all your money made as a rake whore?

At Wednesday, 30 November, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Push/fold poker Waffles but it's still poker!

Got a 4% roi over 1300 games despite breaking even this month.Even then they're that swingy I'd probably need at least 2-3 times that sample size to have some idea of a true roi.

I never pay much notice to rake but I do have a $50 Stars reward waiting and a ton of fpp's.From reading poker forums it seems most of the regs make their money via the rakeback playing these hypers.

At Thursday, 01 December, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

you played over 600 games in one month???? OMFG and didn't play at all mon-thurs. is that for real?

At Thursday, 01 December, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yeah for real Josie.Not too tough as the these games are 6 max hypers that start with 500 chips and blinds going up every two minutes.Playing four tables and adding new games when I bust one quickly racks up a decent volume.

Not bad for a part-timer I suppose, but not even remotely in this guys league..


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