Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Danger:Man at Work

I had trouble getting to sleep over the last week due to the situation at work re my internet use.It wasn't being worried that kept me awake, but my anger at the lying bassa trying to get me the sack.I eventually spoke to my manager again near the end of the week and made it clear that I would go down the bullying and grievance route if this wasn't sorted out once and for all.

My manager spoke to her boss about my request for the company IT security guys to verify my side of the story and apparently they came back and said they wouldn't look at my internet usage because I'm not seen as a danger to the company.They won't be saying that when....I turn up with homemade sandwiches instead of using the works canteen.

Sad that these days I don't even feel I can write a jokey/spoof story on an anonymous internet blog about how dangerous I could be without worrying about being carted off in an orange jumpsuit! Paranoid? Hmmm, remember this story about the guy who wrote a joking tweet about what he'd like to do to Nottingham Airport after being grounded by the snow last year?

Anyway I've been told I've nothing to worry about re my job and that it will be dealt with next week.

Played 56 $7 hypers last night and after a good start I ran horribly and lost just under $100.( obviously missing the run good Dudley brought with him last weekend).I'm still enjoying reading Jared Tendlers book on the mental side of poker and I've learned a couple more things from it this week.

For years I've messed about for ages before I actually start a poker session and even when I was off work for nearly six months I hardly put in any volume at all.In part I can put that down to poker only being a hobby,being lazy and the fact that although the extra money the game brings in is very useful,it's nowhere near enough to make a huge difference to my finances.

I now realise my lack of motivation to play is mainly down to the accumulated negative emotions that have built up during all the downswings I've been through over the years.Not playing = avoiding more negative emotions.

I've also always thought I tend not to tilt or berate my opponents after bad beats because I'm quite laidback and don't have much of a poker ego.I'm very aware that beating low stakes cash games /sit n go games means very little when it comes to actually being good in the grand scheme of things.My overall OPR ratings aren't too bad for a hobby player ( see below) and the book has made me realise that my long held "no poker ego for me" view about myself isn't accurate at all.

I now realise it's actually my feelings of being superior to most of the donks I play with which stops me getting mad at the felt.If a toddler goes near an open fire you may shout at them or even give them a wee smack on the hand to let them know it's wrong and dangerous, but you're not going to lose the plot and start ranting and raving at them! That and the fact I don't have any great sense of entitlement as I've played enough hands to know better probably helps too.In poker too, we spend long enough trying to lead the toddling fish into the fire that it makes sense not to get mad when they do throw a few hot coals in our direction as they're on their way to burning through yet another deposit.

I also like my opponents to know that they may get riled and tilty after a major suckout goes against them, but ole Mr Superior here can just brush it off and not let it bother me at all.Wether it's with moves on the table or the mind games side of things,anything that can make opponents feel even remotely uncomfortable or intimidated has to be good.

Perhaps having a bit of an ego is a good thing.When Dudley was round last weekend I was trying to persaude him to play some $7 hypers and he was sure the other players at the table would think ( he only usually plays Omaha)he was a fish.That seemed a crazy thought to me as old Dudley has been playing and beating the game for years ( and all without a raise button!) and in my estimation would automatically be far better than all but the best regs at any $7 hyper table he sat down at.

Official Poker Rankings:zagga plays online poker at PokerStars.

120 days Rating: 97.34% Rank: 25,520 of 960,919

Year 2011 Rating: 98.27% Rank: 30,672 of 1,770,676

Year 2010 Rating: 95.17% Rank: 92,788 of 1,922,695

Year 2009 Rating: 65.82% Rank: 590,315 of 1,727,304

Year 2008 Rating: 98.28% Rank: 18,231 of 1,062,266

Year 2007 Rating: 39.73% Rank: 371,087 of 615,667

Anyway as usual I've rambled on way too much! Hope some of it makes sense.

Todays youtube clip is for all dog lovers/owners.You can just leave right now Josie!Nacho is still getting counselling after reading the comments you recently posted about dogs.

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At Saturday, 26 November, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

ugh - I watched that effing video. im the one who's going to need counseling now! *shudder*

nacho's poop picker upper is pretty good at poker! nice ranking!

At Wednesday, 30 November, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Josie and glad you enjoyed the vid :-)


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