Tuesday, January 03, 2012

145 Game Hyper Turbo Session

"I didn't text you Happy New Years,cos to be truthful and be blunt,I didn't like you last year and this year you're still a c....."

Is it just me or does anyone else hate those generic spam texts from friends/family sent a few hours before the bells at New Year that contain pish about "snuggling in your inbox" or "avoiding the midnight texting hell"?

I managed to break my sng record on Jan 1st and played 145 Hyper turbo games ( 6 max $7) over one session.I didn't run too well towards the end and finished down for the night, but I was more pleased at being able to eight table for most of the night and for getting so many games under my belt.

It was a bit of a late one though and yesterday after getting back from watching Rangers win 3-0 against Motherwell,I was too exhausted to play very much.My poor run at the $7's continued and at one point I was over $300 down on my end of December Stars balance.Finishing last nights session by winning a couple of $30's certainly helped make a dent in that.

Back soon...


At Friday, 06 January, 2012, Blogger dD said...

how many ?? fuck me thats impressive .. (young jedi :)

At Sunday, 08 January, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Yoda! It's not a bad figure but still not in the same league as the real grinders who play 150-500 per day!


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