Friday, December 30, 2011

Funeral Songs+Ramping up the Volume

Just a wee post today and I'll stick one up tomorrow with my monthly stats.I had a great Xmas with my folks and discovered that eating a curry for Xmas dinner beats the crap out of the traditional turkey meal.My wee nephew ( 18 months) loved his toys, although I think the adults were keener on the wee toy plane that turns when it reaches the end of a surface and never falls off.

My dating run good continued before Xmas when Rugby Shirt girl sent me a text an hour before we were due to meet to say she was still in her home town and running way behind schedule.I sent her one back suggesting we meet up another time and hopefully we'll do that early next year.With my 40th and impending mid-life crisis coming up next year I intend to step things up on the dating front and try and step outside my comfort zone a bit more in general too.

My football teams run good has also run low after losing the Old Firm game to our bitter rivals the other night.We did score a goal which was wrongly not given ( ball was over the line but ref didn't see it) but overall we didn't create many chances and probably didn't deserve to take anything from the match.We're now 2 points behind them in the league although we're only half way through the season and have two more games against them.

On the poker front I've played 425 sngs since Dec 23rd and I even had another night of Mtt's where I managed 6th place in a $25 Hyper turbo game for $600.( just under 600 runners) That was my only Mtt cash though and with all the other buy-ins included I was only up a couple of hundered $$ that night.

I mentioned I've been reading the latest book by Devilfish and although most of it contains wild stories about his life and poker play I have taken one lesson from it from it.He writes about how when a degenerate gambler wins money he doesn't see it as banked winnings but as fuel to be used to try and win even more cash.Although I don't aspire to be a degen gambler type I do like that way of thinking about my bankroll.

I've been trying to persuade myself to get down to the casino to play some more live tourneys.I do enjoy live poker but it's just so slow and playing one £22 game for 4-5 hours live when I can wager a couple of thousand per night playing hypers just doesn't have much appeal.Perhaps stepping up and playing a £50 buy-in might get my juices flowing a bit more.

Without wishing to get too morbid I was asking my parents about funeral arrangements etc the other week.Like anyone I dread anything happening to my folks, but I would like to be prepared and know their wishes etc.Anyway they asked what songs I would like played if anything happened to me and as I've not written anything down anywhere I thought I'd use this space!

I'll resist going for Highway to Hell/Road to Hell type stuff and instead if I bite the dust in 2012 I'd like the Pink Floyd songs "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse" ( the last two tracks on Dark Side of the Moon) played followed by Cat Stevens "If you want to sing out" with Frankie Millers "Caledonia" to finish!

Thanks for reading.Back soon...

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