Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ace from Space,King from....

I warmed up last night by playing some 6 max hyper turbo's whilst watching The Big Game and other poker I had recorded during the week.

Around 10pm I fired up the tournament lobby,applied the turbo/hyper turbo filter and registered for 8 games ranging from a $5 turbo to a $50 hyper mtt.

As I crashed out of one after another it crossed my mind that if I want to play Mtt's then I'd better get used to the variance.If I'm buying in for aprox $200 per session it probably wont be long before I go ten sessions without a cash and I'd guess that would be a fairly standard run.Maybe that kind of inevitable run when it happens will send me scurrying back to Sngs but for now I'm loving the blood pumping world of turbo/hyper Mtt donkaments.

Even as I was losing flips etc and crashing out I was having a great time trying to read my opponents ranges and making moves to exploit their weak spots.So much so that even when I was only playing 3-4 tables I switched the tv off and focussed on only the poker.I was also well aware of making mistakes myself and when it comes to Mtt's I'm still trying things out to see what works and what doesn't much of the time.

Specific hands from last night are a blur.I do remember getting my money in with AQ v KK for the world in one game and ( Tony G style) thinking "there's the Ace from f*ckin space" when I hit my Ace on the flop.It may not rhyme but I also recall thinking just a second later, "And there's the King from "FFS,why can't I just suckout one f*ckin time instead of being two outered the river".

After resigning myself to a $200 losing session I made a couple of small cashes, one of which was a frustrating 30th place from 2500 runners in a top heavy $15 game for a $58 payout.

After that exit I was left playing only a $9.90 $5k Gtd game with 837 runners where only making the final table paid.Adjusting strategy for that one was interesting as I don't think I've ever played an Mtt with such a top heavy payout structure.

Anyway I did make the final table and with four left I shoved A5 into other shortish stack and he snap called

with Aks and I didn't get any help from the board.What a croc! Nice to cash for $753 though and get off to a good start to the month but really I'm just happy to look at those winnings as fuel to play yet more Mtt's and hopefully become a better player at them.

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At Sunday, 05 February, 2012, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Nice score mate!

Hyper turbo's though? Surely your massive edge is your patience and your good/push fold ranges, whilst your opponents make mistakes?

Are you not removing your edge in the Hyper Turbo Junkie world?

GL though mate, get em smashed up!

At Tuesday, 07 February, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Mik.

When it comes to hyper turbo sngs ( can only speak for the 6 max ones) I think the sheer volume possible helps make up for the reduced edge caused by the faster blinds.

Re the Hyper Mtt's they certainly are a bit of a crapshoot but you can still have an edge in them and they are very addictive!


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