Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going Up? Think Again!

I'm pretty sure I heard myself agree to go on a zip slide across the River Clyde in Glasgow from the top of a 150 feet high crane on March 25th after the next Old Firm game.It's been a dreadful season so far on and off the park for Rangers and this charity thing may turn into a jump instead of a slide if we don't beat the mutants from across the city at Ibrox that day!It's for Sports Relief and hopefully some of you kind readers will sponsor me nearer the time!

Nacho has been reading Josies blog recently and only her kind words about him in her comments section kept him from hitting the "unfollow" button after he clocked the "Dogs are Vermin" post from the other day.

He did agree though that not all dogs are as smart as him and some are extremely daft indeed....

Poker content? Well I did play a bit last night but a combination of not smoking during the week and some particularly strong weed meant I was completely monged as I played and instead of it keeping me focussed and tuned in I was resting my head on the back of the couch and half opening my eyes every time the Pokerstars software beeped at me to let me know it was my turn.

I played just a few Mtt's without much joy and had an awful run at the $7 and $30 6 max hypers.I was watching "The Big Game" as I played and inspired by the high stakes cash I sat down at a $50nl 6 max cash table and a full ring $50 nl game too.I used to be a cash game player ( on Ladbrokes and Interpoker) until I caught the sng bug a few years ago.Sadly I forgot the rule about not going broke with an overpair and lost a buy-in with KK to a flopped set of sixes on the 6 max table.

I followed up that piece of brilliance by making a tilty call from the big blind with 56s on the full ring table and check calling an early position preflop raiser on the flop and turn before making a half assed attempt to represent a straight on the river and being called down by two pair.

Mtt mistakes,cash game tilt and a ton of run bad have been the story of my poker month so far in Feb and I suppose I should be glad I'm slightly up and not deep in the hole.Hopefully I can find my best game and some run good tonight as I'll probably play a load of turbo Mtt's.

I've still not played any live poker since last August but I have been practicing my poker face at work to help make myself unreadable when bluffing.We have glass lifts and it's very annoying when I'm running late in the morning, get in,hit the 5th floor button and as the door is closing some asswipe still fumbling with their pass at the turnstyle somehow manages to teleport themselves across to the front of the lift just in time to press the open door button.When it happens several times in a row just as the lift is about to get going it's enough to make me politely through gritted teeth at my new lift companions!

Well that still happens but if they're not quite quick enough I now incorporate my poker skills and bluff going to press the open door button,making actual contact just above the button.It's very simple and just requires me to make like I'm holding a ball in my hands,giving a small shrug as I raise both eyebrows while hollywooding a surprised look as the door shuts firmly in their face.See ya,wouldn't like to be ya!

Back soon...

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At Sunday, 12 February, 2012, Blogger Rob said...

LOL on your poker/bluff face as you stiff your fellow employees and fake like you are pushing the "open door" button in the elavator (as we call it on this side of the pond).

See, who says poker doesn't help you in life?

At Thursday, 16 February, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Rob.Yeah,you never know when poker experience will come in handy!

At Saturday, 25 February, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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