Thursday, February 16, 2012

If They Play on the Streets....

I've been almost numb with shock for most of the week after my team Rangers went into administration on Monday.The fact that it cost us a 10 point penalty in league and almost certainly hands the league title to to our rivals seems almost insignificant when my clubs very survival is now at stake.The situation seems to change almost hourly too,with the latest being the the administrators now in charge saying today "As a result of our preliminary assessment, we are wholly confident that Rangers will continue as a football club.We do not think that liquidation and closure of the Club is a likely outcome at all".

That seems reassuring but I'll wait until that's cast in stone and not just a "likely outcome" before I feel any better about the situation.I could write pages and pages about the way Rangers have been run,the current/previous owner etc but for now I'll leave it at that and just say that even if the worst ever happens,there will always be a Rangers, one way or another.Follow Follow!

I mentioned I'm taking a zip slide over the River Clyde next month and I did raise a smile when my sitemeter thing revealed that someone had found my blog searching "River Clyde zip slide-how do you get up the crane?".Damn good question and after some investigation the answer that there's a lift at the side of the crane!

At work we got an email from our building services people about the toilets being used on the first two floors which are empty and shouldn't be used as they've been "mothballed".I managed to convince the girl next to me that meant both floors were moth infested and had her worried the moths would make it up to our floor.She's a 27yr old part-time apprentice and I was made to feel very old when I called her Gorbachev after she came into work today with a couple of red burn marks on her forehead caused by her hair tongs."Gorbachev?Is that a cartoon?" she asked.

Not much poker content today.I'm back to about even for the month after finally cashing a few times on Sunday and making the final table of a $5 6 max Hyper turbo Mtt.( nice new final table theme too)If I can stop running pocket fives into KK when shorthanded maybe I'll hit a big score one day...

I've also been enjoying playing hyper turbos on my mobile using the new Android app on my HTC Desire.I think I need a "Get out my way I'm two tabling" sign on my head though after nearly bumping into a few people as I played and walked round Glasgow at lunchtime.It's very smooth and easy to use though and if you're UK based I'd recommend it.

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At Friday, 17 February, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad whats happening to Rangers, but, im afraid the bigotry attached to them and ure rivals, will gain little sympathy from the rest of the footballing world, why cant you just move on?, instead of bein stuck in some 1970/1980 timewarp?
Youtube clip[ of Man Utd fans at ure shed shows u up for what u are, most Rangers fans were filming the bloody filth for gods sake!!, as if to say " look who we have playing here", move on, then maybe your beloved team might!!

At Friday, 17 February, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

There's already been a ton of sympathy from other clubs anon.The slogan on the first pic I posted comes from a message of support sent by Galatasary fans and there have been plenty more from fans all over the world.

As for bigotry if I'm a bigot for detesting our rivals and their open support for terrorism then so be it.Strange too that with all this bigotry going on two of our supports biggest heros over the last few years have been our Italian captain Amoruso and Jorge Albertz.

I certainly wont deny there's a small scummy element of supporters that follow Rangers but that's no different to any club.Don't know who you support but it's there from Munich songs to songs about Turks carrying knives etc.

No idea what point you're trying to make about fans filming other fans.I'd rather watch the game!

At Monday, 27 February, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm intersesting!!Loads of clubs will be in a similar situation soon mate. Fees and wages are out of control.

Good Luck to the Gers!


At Thursday, 01 March, 2012, Blogger dD said...

No Surrender !



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