Saturday, March 10, 2012

Loved this display below from the Hamburg fans when they played our rivals in '09.Wunderbar!

Bought my scarf from
All profits are being used to directly support the club by buying up tickets for upcoming home games.These will be given away to children’s charities, schools, football clubs, BBs, etc

Things did seem to look up a bit yesterday after the players accepted a deal to take huge pay cuts until the end of the season and there are also rumours that HMRC are willing to do a deal on the tax case that's been hanging over us.

Away from the football that's me off work now until the 19th.No plans other than to visit friends and family and play a ton of Mtt's and Modern Warfare 3.I started on the Mtt front last night and managed to final table the $9 Final Table only pays turbo tourney again,this time making 6th for $458 to finish the night with a profit after only a managing a couple of tiny cashes from the other games I played.

Feels good to get a off to a decent start for March but if I'm going to have buy-ins totalling $200-$300 per night over the next week or so and the following weekends a profitable start only really provides a small buffer against the usual brutal swings and variance.

Hopefully every little thing will be alright...

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