Sunday, April 01, 2012

Stats + Donking with the Stars

Poker results are about the long term but at 3.30am this morning I was looking at losses of about $800 for the month of March and wondering if I was deluding myself that I was simply running badly and that I was only a few key flips away from making a decent profit.

By 4.15am I'd managed 6th place in a $44 Turbo for just under $500 and although it was still a month of bad beats and lost flips that certainly was a welcome boost.

I played around 21 Mtt's in total yesterday with my buy-ins coming in at around $400-$500 and having bought in for similar amounts most nights when I play I suppose a net loss of $300-ish for the month is really neither here nor there as far as letting me know if I'm going to make a long term profit playing Mtt's.

Anyone that knows me or reads this blog will know I don't do celebrity culture and big names don't impress me.Having said that it did feel quite cool to play at the same table as the WSOP Main event champ Pius Heinz in one game last night, although I managed to completely donk off my stack to someone else within a few minutes of being at his table.

I also had Mike "Timex" McDonald on my left for over 100 hands in another game and even managed to win a couple of decent pots from him.Stick that on your wiki page alongside your $3.4m in tourney winnings Mr watch name!

I knocked John Dayton ( used to watch his training vids on Float the turn) out of one tourney and also shared the same table as this weeks 2+2 Pokercast guest "Mement Mori" as well as guys like Kleath,Busto_Soon,BigHuni and Tournament Poker Edge pro DannyN13.

I'm pretty sure I even spotted the legendary "Blue Scouse" at my $50nl Zoom table ( and up 5 buy-ins!) as I played a few hands before bed.

Watching the TPE vids is certainly improving my game although after years of cash and sng poker I almost feel like I'm starting over again with trying to learn how to play Mtt's.

I'm not sure how many final tables I'll have to make before I stop shaking with excitment when I make one, although I did discover last night that some vigorous excercise in between hands seems to burn off a bit of the adrenaline and lets me calm down and focus on playing well.

Pokestars $3228 ( - $298) Party $0 ( cashed out $597)

Total Roll $3228

Back soon...


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