Friday, March 30, 2012

Zip Sliding Away...

What an amazing day I had last Sunday.Stepping off the edge of the basket and zip sliding across the Clyde was a real buzz and from there Two Pies and I headed to Ibrox for the Old Firm game.Due to the points deduction Rangers suffered after going into administration, a win for our rivals would have meant them winning the league at our place.The thought of watching their fans and classless popcorn teeth manager celebrating their tainted title win in front of us filled me with dread and would have been hard to take.

Thankfully Rangers played them off the park and the 3-2 final score line ( they scored two late goals) flattered them.The atmosphere was unbelievable and it's taken me until today to properly get my voice back after singing and generally going mental for the full 90 minutes.We are the people!

I did hit the tables on Sunday evening and managed a couple of small cashes and the seemingly usual lost key coin flip that could have been another final table appearance had I won it.I'm down a couple of hundred dollars this month and will need a good weekend at the felt to make my monthly stats half decent.I'm not too bothered though if I do have another losing month as I'm still learning Mtt's and I'm well aware I'm taking shots by playing $44,$51 games etc on my current bankroll.

I mentioned being unhappy at Party poker charging me an admin fee for keeping $600 there and not playing for 3 months.At least the cashout was quick and hit my bank account this week.Despite trusting Stars I'm still not sure if I'll deposit on there now or keep it my bank account for use at Stars if my roll there dips below the $2k mark.

Away from the poker I had a laugh at work today when one of the women in my team was telling me of a funny incident in the smoking room a few years back.She looks after her granddaughter Charlotte at weekends and loudly announced that after a tough week she was looking forward to a bit of Charlie at the weekend to cheer her up.Apparently jaws dropped all round and until it was explained to her my colleague had no idea why!

Back soon..

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At Saturday, 31 March, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your Blog but how can you say Celtic's League title is tainted when Rangers are 18 points behind after a 10 point deduction?

At Saturday, 31 March, 2012, Blogger Littleacornman said...

"CELTIC legend Charlie Nicholas last night declared the only person tainting the Hoops forthcoming Title glory is manager Neil Lennon.
With the team boss now facing three SFA disciplinary charges Nicholas believes he has become an " embarrassment " to the club."

Between Lennons behaviour,Craig Whyte wrecking Rangers (and it's effect on the players) and Celtic's success in bullying the refs ( British record number of penalties last season)I think it's tainted.

At Saturday, 31 March, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Rangers fans truly are the most deluded, stuck in the past, bitter fans alive!!!...Tainted!!!!!...LMFAO


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