Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tainted Tainted Tainted!

Congrats to Celtc on their tainted,hollow league title win!

As our captain says,“Celtic went on a great run and there is no taking away from that, but we were just four points behind when we went into administration.

“Losing the ten points was a big blow. Then you know about everything that was going on. We lost games I don’t think we would have lost had we not been put in that position.

“If it was the other way round, we’d have received a massive boost had they been deducted ten points.

“It was a hammer blow to us to get that and we had a bad run of results after we went into administration.

I also liked this article
from the New York Times on my teams predicament this season.

Overall it's not been a bad week.I took Step A over to my Mum and Dads place on Tues evening to see my wee nephew.The wee man has now added putting his thumbs up when asked what the Fonz does.

The girl I met up with last September has been back in touch and we've arranged a date for a week on Tues.She's away looking after her brothers kids this weekend and is off to Amsterdam next Sat/Sun.She did say she was free this Tues but with me being off work for Easter Monday I'd rather leave it until my head is a bit clearer as I intend to enjoy late smoke filled nights tonight and tomorrow night!

I was reading that the company behind Full Tilt are recruiting and people are taking this as a sign the site will be back soon.With the Tapie group behind it I'll certainly never be depositing another penny on FT.Still,I'm looking forward to seeing how the much talked about big live poker game at Wembley stadium goes next month.....

I suppose I was quite lucky in that I only had a Step 2 tourney ticket on Full Tilt when Black Friday struck.I think I initially signed up via a referal from my mate Al Eleven and took a $25 bonus instead of the 27% rakeback deal most players seemed to be on.That always pissed me off but in hindsight it was definitely a blessing.

I usually write a few bullet points when writing a blog post and expand on them.I had intended writing about how playing Mtt's has really helped me fall in love with poker again after I grew a bit bored of the mindless button mashing auto pilot mode required for hyper/sng games.

I only played about 8-10 Mtt's last night and my new found love of those games was tested to the limit as I crashed to two outer after two outer.I did win a couple of buy-ins at the $50nl Zoom tables before hitting the sack at least I suppose.

There was also a guy from the Moshman staking company on the 2+2 Pokercast this week and he described winning Mtt players graphs as "down,down,down,down,spike" so hopefully if I keep plugging away and getting better I'll hit a few upward spikes soon.

Right,time to head to Ibrox to watch the Gers play St Mirren in front of another full house.The plan is to grab dinner on the way home and get a decent amount of Mtt's fired up.

Back soon...

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